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Hotel Cathrin


Hotel Cathrin

<span class="ta-rev"><b>chicogo: Awesome location and value</b><br />We arrived to the hotel early (10am) and we were able to check in right away. The room was very clean and equipped with most things you need (TV, shampoo, hair dryer, etc., but no hair conditioner...<br /><br /></span><span class="ta-rev"><b>BritabroadSouthwell: Peaceful with excellent food</b><br />This was a 2nd visit for us; we weren't disappointed. We stayed 10 days at the end of the summer and had a great time. It's a real family hotel, and the Gober family (parents and 3 student-age...<br /><br /></span>
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 19 / 22
  • Popularity grade: 69


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