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Reviews for Mammoth Mountain

Read skier and snowboarder-submitted reviews on Mammoth Mountain that rank the ski resort and mountain town on a scale of one to five stars for attributes such as terrain, nightlife and family friendliness. See how Mammoth Mountain stacks up in the reviews, on and off the slopes, from skiing and family activities to the après scene. Read up on pros, cons and other comments in reviews left by fellow skiers and riders. Don't forget to submit your own Mammoth Mountain review! Scroll to the bottom of this page to let other travelers know about your skiing and resort experience.

Reviews for Mammoth Mountain

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jonathan kosyjana
Not family-friendly, and is very expensive. lots of traversing. parking is limited. Driving there can be dangerous and the road is closed off in the winter. Outdated. far better options in the area for jus about any visitor. All hype but does not deliver ... Full Review
To many to list
1 month ago
I've lived in Mammoth for 19 winters. Over that time, I've seen some gradual changes to the mountain that have made it less fun to ski. I don't eat on the mountain, don't ski with my family, and living in Mammoth, only ski on weekdays. So, please consider my comments given my usage patterns. Over these 19 years, the mountain has gradually got more and more crowded. Parking is bad unless you get up there early or manage to get lucky around lunchtime (when some of the morning skiers leave). I mainly like to ski powder and the top of the mountain. The snow up there can be superb, especially after big wind events when the wind buff is the ultimate ego snow. But, my biggest gripe, is on powder days, they don't open the top of the mountain until usually noon, if at all. I think this is the result of understaffing and corporate lawyers, but that's just a guess. What happens, is that everyone in town who can, comes out on the powder morning, together with lots of powder hounds from LA. Although Mammoth mountain is a big mountain, they're all compressed onto the lower mountain. The result is that the powder gets tracked out almost instantly. Then, hours later, they (may) finally open the upper mountain. But, generally you have no way of knowing when or if that will happen. If they do open the upper mountain, all the powder skiers ride to the top and the top gets tracked out almost immediately again. So, unless you're willing to hang out in a life line (like 23 or the upper gondola) for 45' or more hoping that they (may) open at some point, you're largely stuck to skiing tracked out crud. It's a shame. When I first moved to Mammoth you could get lots of relatively untracked powder. But, the increased crowds (particularly since IKON) combined with the fact that all the powder hounds are compressed into only part of the mountain, means it's quite hard to find untracked runs anymore.... Full Review
Awesome snow after wind events...
Gets tracked out really fast o...
5 months ago
Visited February 27- March 6. Although it needs snow, most trails has good hard packed powder, hard and fast as they said. Lodges are large. for breaks were good, not to jammed until weekend arrivals. Be sure, if you want, to check out the woolly mammoth inside McCoy station half way down. But please, upgrade the signage,it was horrid.... Full Review
Beautiful area, groomer team w...
Trail signage sucks big time.
9 months ago
IVCdub undefined
I live in Tahoe and have skied nearly every resort in the western united states. I've skied Mammoth probably 25 days over the last 5 years. The mountain itself is very nice, with a good mix of beginner through expert runs. Lots of off-piste, yet only a small percentage of the skiers even consider leaving the corduroy. In other words there are lots of skiers with very expensive gear but no game to back it up. The mountain doesn't have the amount of extreme terrain of a Squaw/Pacific Palisades, but it is big enough and diverse enough to keep most expert skiers very happy. There are only 2 real problems with Mammoth. First, on Saturdays the lift-lines can get really long. And if one lift at the bottom is out of commission for a little while everything completely bogs down. Last Saturday morning the gondola was only running between the main base and McCormick Lodge. That resulted in a +30 minute lift line as far away as Canyon Lodge. The good news is that by Sunday nearly all of the 1,000's of Angelenos are packing up to leave, and the lines are a fraction of what they were the day before (of course, holidays excluded). The second issue is the food. Now I get it that a seasoned skier complaining about on-mountain food is like someone who drives a BMW complaining about the lack of cup holders. Still, the food here so bad that someone needs to point it out. Last week I had two on-mountain lunches over three days. The first was a loaded baked potato at McCormicks. The second was a chicken sandwich at Eagle Lodge. The potato wasn't completely cooked. I could only eat the outside of the potato as the middle was rock-hard. Also, it was cold. I had to mash the butter into the potato, but the potato was so cold that I was stuck with pieces of potato and completely separate pieces of butter. I ate the outside 1/4 inch of the potato and threw the middle away. The chicken sandwich was simply un-eatable. Both my daughter and I took one bite of our sandwiches and gagged. The chicken was a dark grey/purplish color and tasted like it had been boiled w/o any seasoning. The bun was wet, and no where in the sandwich was there the slightest iota of flavor. Another wasted $14/sandwich. Do yourself a favor and pack-in your own lunch.... Full Review
Large majority of skiers stay ...
Worst on-mountain I've ever ex...
10 months ago
6+ feet of snow reported but runs still have multiple rocks that gashed up my new skis. Crew needs to improve to compete with major resorts.... Full Review
Has various similar runs so le...
Terrible crew
11 months ago
Owen Nowlin
Mammoth is amazing ... Full Review
Tons of snow
Wind holds after storms
1 year ago
such good snow and so consistently good. as a top 10 largest resort in the US, you could spend a whole week here in not hit every run. hopefully, the top is open when you visit because there are some sweet runs for those who want to venture to the summit of 11,053 ft. have fun, know your limits. ... Full Review
2 years ago
Dee Woo
Mammoth has been my home mountain for a while and unfortunately it’s operational quality has been on the decline. At first we thought it was the weather, than the pandemic, but over time you realize it’s the culture of the mountain. From over worked understaffed operations, to the litter of beer cans on the runs and in the lift lines. Mammoth is no longer the skiers mountain it once was, and midweek storms on Wednesday and Thursday’s are often treated like snow making for the weekend warriors. And ease of access to upper alpine and summit terrain has destroyed the quality of “expert” runs. Leaving the vast majority of the runs rock scoured and slid out. Mammoth needs a reset, right now it is a bit of a traveling circus from the human and dog waste in the parking lots to the number of alcohol related collisions on the slopes. ... Full Review
Sunny skies, wind buff
Poor operations, poor run mana...
2 years ago
Mammoth holds! Consistently the most snow not in Jackson Hole, a ton of expert terrain up top and off chairs 9 and 22, all the beginner-intermediate terrain you want on the Canyon and Eagle side. I've skied all over the country and always find myself saying; "At Mammoth though..."... Full Review
2 years ago
So now the latest: With the mountain closed since early March, those of us who've spent hundreds of dollars on season ("IKON") passes obviously have not been able to utilize them. Understandable and the necessary thing. However, is Alterra doing anything to ease that loss for its customers? Oh yeah -- I just got the email offering us an additional $50 discount on our renewals for next season. REALLY? That's almost an insult. How about 50% OFF? We all bought a "product" that we can't use because the product is not available (I've gotten in ONE day on the mountain this season); now they want us to buy it again, throwing us this $50 bone... Time for us to Mammoth-ites start a movement and let Alterra/KSL know that there's more to mountain life than corporate profit. #WHATWOULDDAVEDO... Full Review
UPDATE to previous comment
3 years ago
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