Snow Reports & Snow Totals

Ski Resort Snow Totals

Which ski resorts got the most snow? Check out the latest snowfall totals for ski resorts and compare mountains with the most new snow from today, yesterday and two days ago. In addition to the updated 72-hour snow totals, this snow report also compares ski areas by snow depth totals at the summit and base of the mountain. Click through to any ski resort in the list to view the snow report for that mountain.
72 Hour SnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Mt. Hood Meadows72 Hour Snowfall21"Base Depth37-53"
Open Trails8/85
Open Lifts4/12
Crystal Mountain72 Hour Snowfall21"Base Depth23-28"
Packed Powder
Open Trails31/85
Open Lifts8/11
Mt. Baker72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth43-58"
Open Trails25/38
Open Lifts7/10
Jackson Hole72 Hour Snowfall20"Base Depth17-53"
Packed Powder
Open Trails24/131
Open Lifts5/16
Brighton Resort72 Hour Snowfall19"Base Depth48-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails59/66
Open Lifts5/7
Alta Ski Area72 Hour Snowfall18"Base Depth62-62"
Open Trails73/119
Open Lifts4/6
Schweitzer72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth26-38"
Open Trails7/92
Open Lifts3/10
Stevens Pass Resort72 Hour Snowfall15"Base Depth29-29"
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Solitude Mountain Resort72 Hour Snowfall15"Base Depth49-49"
Open Trails64/87
Open Lifts8/9
Park City72 Hour Snowfall15"Base Depth45-45"
Open Trails102/341
Open Lifts18/44
Snowbird72 Hour Snowfall15"Base Depth53-53"
Open Trails86/140
Open Lifts5/14
Aspen Snowmass72 Hour Snowfall15"Base Depth18-34"
Open Trails50/336
Open Lifts12/40
Lookout Pass Ski Area72 Hour Snowfall14"Base Depth12-22"
Open Trails20/53
Open Lifts3/5
SilverStar72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth42-42"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails53/133
Open Lifts3/11
Crested Butte Mountain Resort72 Hour Snowfall12"Base Depth25-25"
Open Trails12/121
Open Lifts4/14
Vail72 Hour Snowfall12"Base Depth29-29"
Open Trails65/267
Open Lifts13/31
Beaver Creek72 Hour Snowfall12"Base Depth24-24"
Open Trails13/150
Open Lifts4/24
Powder King72 Hour Snowfall12"Base Depth16-50"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails19/38
Open Lifts2/3
Sasquatch Mountain Resort72 Hour Snowfall12"Base DepthN.A.
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Big White72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth38"
Packed Powder
Open Trails50/119
Open Lifts7/15
Sunshine Village72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth33-33"
Open Trails60/145
Open Lifts9/11
Manning Park Resort72 Hour SnowfallN.A.Base Depth13-29"
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Mt. Bachelor72 Hour Snowfall11"Base Depth25-25"
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Winter Park72 Hour Snowfall11"Base Depth18-18"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails22/168
Open Lifts10/25
Steamboat72 Hour Snowfall11"Base Depth31-41"
Open Trails38/169
Open Lifts7/18

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