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Jackson Hole - Stilson
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7"Mar 21

Snow in Ikon Pass

The table below shows the snow cover in Ikon Pass. For each ski resort you will find the essential information from its snow report: snow depths, open slopes and lifts, date of the last snowfall, today's weather. All the information you need to choose the right ski resort for you in Ikon Pass. Click on the name of a resort to obtain its complete snow report. You'll never have to wonder if it's snowing in Ikon Pass again.
OpenSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Alta Ski AreaSnowfall8"Base Depth106-106"
Packed Powder
Open Trails115/119
Open Lifts5/6
Arapahoe Basin Ski AreaSnowfall2"Base Depth61-61"
Open Trails142/147
Open Lifts9/9
Aspen SnowmassSnowfall6"Base Depth88-58"
Packed Powder
Open Trails333/336
Open Lifts37/40
Bear MountainSnowfall6"Base Depth24-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails15/15
Open Lifts7/12
Big SkySnowfall7"Base Depth35-63"
Packed Powder
Open Trails282/317
Open Lifts35/36
Blue MountainSnowfall0"Base Depth33-33"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails9/55
Open Lifts3/11
Boyne Mountain ResortSnowfall1"Base Depth34-34"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails25/60
Open Lifts4/12
Brighton ResortSnowfall3"Base Depth84-84"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails65/66
Open Lifts7/7
Copper MountainSnowfall2"Base Depth62-85"
Open Trails148/150
Open Lifts24/24
Crystal MountainSnowfall4"Base Depth94-90"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails59/86
Open Lifts9/11
Cypress MountainSnowfall1"Base Depth154-154"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails48/61
Open Lifts5/6
Deer Valley ResortSnowfall2"Base Depth57-57"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails103/103
Open Lifts21/21
Eldora Mountain ResortSnowfall1"Base Depth30-30"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails60/61
Open Lifts10/10
Jackson HoleSnowfall7"Base Depth19-81"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails118/131
Open Lifts13/13
June MountainSnowfall2"Base Depth12-55"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails36/43
Open Lifts7/7
Lake LouiseSnowfall2"Base Depth65-98"
Packed Powder
Open Trails160/164
Open Lifts10/10
Loon MountainSnowfall5"Base Depth32-41"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails42/61
Open Lifts7/10
Mammoth MountainSnowfall3"Base Depth58-105"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails150/150
Open Lifts24/25
Mt. BachelorSnowfall1"Base Depth79-100"
Packed Powder
Open Trails103/119
Open Lifts11/15
Mt. NorquaySnowfall4"Base Depth48-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails56/60
Open Lifts6/6
Palisades TahoeSnowfall5"Base Depth39"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails190/245
Open Lifts27/34
RevelstokeSnowfall0"Base Depth109-109"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails42/59
Open Lifts5/6
Snow SummitSnowfall8"Base Depth24-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails25/27
Open Lifts9/16
SnowbasinSnowfall1"Base Depth65-65"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails102/107
Open Lifts12/12
No Report AvailableSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Killington ResortSnowfall3"Base Depth30-30"
Spring Snow
Open Trails97/155
Open Lifts14/22


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