Beaver Creek, Epic Pass

Epic Pass Snow Report

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Beaver Creek Chair 8 PHQ Cam
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1"Mar 23

Snow in Epic Pass

The table below shows the snow cover in Epic Pass. For each ski resort you will find the essential information from its snow report: snow depths, open slopes and lifts, date of the last snowfall, today's weather. All the information you need to choose the right ski resort for you in Epic Pass. Click on the name of a resort to obtain its complete snow report. You'll never have to wonder if it's snowing in Epic Pass again.
OpenSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria - LavaroneSnowfall2"Base Depth8-20"
Hard Packed
Open Trails58/88
Open Lifts12/41
Andalo - Fai della PaganellaSnowfall0"Base Depth16-35"
Hard Packed
Open Trails30/30
Open Lifts18/18
Beaver CreekSnowfall1"Base Depth65-65"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails150/150
Open Lifts24/24
BreckenridgeSnowfall1"Base Depth63-63"
Packed Powder
Open Trails187/187
Open Lifts33/34
Brides les BainsSnowfall0"Base Depth30-61"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails62/66
Open Lifts38/41
CourchevelSnowfall12"Base Depth41-55"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails105/109
Open Lifts54/55
Crested Butte Mountain ResortSnowfall1"Base Depth72-72"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails118/121
Open Lifts14/14
Fernie AlpineSnowfall2"Base Depth71-123"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails112/142
Open Lifts9/10
Folgàrida - MarillévaSnowfall1"Base Depth12-28"
Spring Snow
Open Trails34/41
Open Lifts20/25
HeavenlySnowfall1"Base Depth37-73"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails97/97
Open Lifts25/28
KeystoneSnowfall1"Base Depth52-52"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails128/128
Open Lifts20/20
Kicking HorseSnowfall4"Base Depth93-93"
Packed Powder
Open Trails86/129
Open Lifts4/5
KimberleySnowfall1"Base Depth46-154"
Spring Snow
Open Trails58/80
Open Lifts4/5
KirkwoodSnowfall9"Base Depth61-70"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails89/90
Open Lifts12/13
La TaniaSnowfall6"Base Depth39-55"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails105/109
Open Lifts54/55
Les MenuiresSnowfall0"Base Depth26-69"
Spring Snow
Open Trails80/85
Open Lifts29/33
Madonna di CampiglioSnowfall1"Base Depth14-31"
Hard Packed
Open Trails35/41
Open Lifts18/20
MeribelSnowfall0"Base Depth30-61"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails62/70
Open Lifts38/42
Mont Sainte AnneSnowfall0"Base Depth35-39"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails71/71
Open Lifts6/9
Mount SunapeeSnowfall3"Base Depth30-30"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails46/66
Open Lifts6/10
Nakiska Ski AreaSnowfall1"Base Depth43-43"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails69/75
Open Lifts6/6
NendazSnowfall8"Base Depth2-30"
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts59/82
Northstar CaliforniaSnowfall2"Base Depth18-82"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails100/100
Open Lifts12/20
Okemo Mountain ResortSnowfall8"Base Depth18-24"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails77/121
Open Lifts13/20
No Report AvailableSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Monte BondoneSnowfall2"Base Depth16-28"
Hard Packed
Open Trails13/15
Open Lifts4/4
PejoSnowfall12"Base Depth12-51"
Hard Packed
Open Trails11/15
Open Lifts5/7
PinzoloSnowfall16"Base Depth10-22"
Hard Packed
Open Trails16/22
Open Lifts13/14


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