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Reviews for Jackson Hole

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Ski Hunters
Jackson Hole is amazing!
sometimes great powder.
not really a base lodge
Steven Gluck
After wanting to ski here since the late 70's, I finally made it in 2019 and was sadly disappointed. 18" of fresh on a Thursday, 90 minute tram lines (yup, made my first run just before 11:00), and refrozen crust (the place faces East!) under the new snow. Was able to ski untracked, knee-deep snow on the first run (kinda, by turning where everyone else went big and fast and then crossing their tracks), but the January (!) crust underneath sucked. Every run after that it was hard to tell they had any new snow at all. Moguls on the Hobacks, which had bad rhythm and no lines (other than lots of traverse chops), were not fun to ski (been skiing moguls for 40+ years now - think I know what I'm doing). It takes good skiers to make good bumps. Thunder "bumps" had been groomed recently so the bumps were small, far apart and super crusty in between. Locals were just plain nasty - including the staff and ski patrol. Parking was expensive and a PITA to get to and from the lifts/trails. After Rendezvous Bowl (more bad, crusty bumps - did I mention there was 18" new?) there are either roads or traverses to get to the rest of the mountain. I did get to stare into Corbet's, but it was closed so no go there. Short but steep drops (lots open (why?) with "destroy your skis after one run" rocks (hidden and visible)) with lengthy flats on top and long flat runouts to the upper lifts are numerous. Sublette and Thunder are only about 1500' vertical and develop LONG lines (so much fun (!) when you get maybe only 400 - 500 vert. of decent skiing per run). Riverton Bowl was OK. Some better, steep, gnarly terrain only accessible by a long hike following a long line of people ahead of you. Tower Three Chute was my favorite (other than having to dodge the gapers littering the field), it even had some decent moguls. The Hobacks are the best bet for a reasonably long descent - but it is fatally marred by having to take a short lift at the bottom (to avoid the houses - there used to be a way to ski back to the tram but that is ancient history) to get to a flat run to take you back to the tram or gondola. There is quite a bit of hiking to do at the base (ha ha, after every run) if you are going to go to the gondola (bad) or get to the tram line (why did they put the entrance on the downhill side?). Then you get to freeze in line waiting, then ride up in a hot, smelly car with lots of rude, egotistical smelly others, basically overheating and sweating yourself before you exit at the top and 5-degree temps and freezing most of the way down. Yeah. Finally, last year they upgraded Thunder to a high speed. Sublette is still old and slow but rumored to be high speeded summer 2024. Only like 30 years too late. Plus, everything COSTS and lots of people there happily tell you how they can afford it. Guess I really didn't like the experience.
It's "Jackson", Dude
While airfare to JAC is expensive, it is one of the most gorgeous and convenient ski airports in N.America. A quick 30-45 taxi ride (all large SUVs and fixed rate) puts you in Teton Village at the base of the mountain -- STAY HERE! The village has everything you need from great rentals (TVS), shopping for what you forgot or want to replace, enough casual, but fine dining to satisfy you for a week, all within a 5-7 minute walk from wherever you're staying. Get up the next morning and prepare for an adventure. JH is a large, diverse, fun mountain full of potential to explore. Regardless of your group's ability, make sure to get everyone up the Tram to experience the view and the waffles! Those who aren't comfortable skiing black, can ride back down. JH is a FANTASTIC mountain for those strong intermediate skiers looking to find the next level and everyone above. Great choices, great views, typically great snow, and a truly unique vibe makes JH my #1 all-things-considered destination. Tom M. - been skiing JH since 1978 - my license plate is SKI JH - my prior license plate was JH ROCKS
You simply can't beat the mountain; especially when JH is in the weather "flow"! Compact, fun, "has everything you need and nothing you don't" village makes for a lively, strees-free vaction (if you stay in Teton Village; highly recommend). Good terrain f
Don't go to JH if anyone in your group is going to need/want to ski greens; they are in poor supply and that person(s) won't have a good experience. Take them to Telluride.
Anarcho Vol
Jackson Hole is my favorite resort. Best of the Best for advanced and expert terrain. There is so much in-bounds terrain that rides like beyond the gate side country. The Hobacks are just unbelievable when conditions are good. The aesthetics of Jackson are as good as you will find anywhere. Teton village is nice and has several restaurants available, so trips to town are not a necessity. As for the downsides…although Jackson’s ski school is world renowned, JHMR is not the best place for beginners or even low intermediates. There is really only one area containing relatively short green runs at the very bottom of the mountain, and even the mildest blue runs are fairly steep compared to other NA resorts. Jackson is also relatively expensive. One of the biggest difficulties is getting there, as flying into Jackson is by far the best option, and it is for obvious reasons much pricier than SLC or DEN, and will likely require connecting flights.
Best of the best for advanced and expert terrain, great mountain village
Very little beginner or low intermediate terrain, Expensive
Patty Brewer
Loved our trip there. Snow was amazing and I skied all over the mountain and wasn’t bored. Even got off piste in some fresh snows two days after a storm. My husband is an intermediate skier and he loves the terrain for his level. Wish there were a few more apres and other restaurant options.
Jackson Hole packs over 4,000 vertical with over 130 runs in a compact mountain that is serviced by one base area. There’s ample variety for all levels. Great friendly vibe.
Not a lot of restaurants and accommodations at the Teton Village.
Best secluded Scenic family park setting village experience. Don't forget the Mangy Moose for a post day on the snow tottie
Overall Mountain experience awesome
Julia Brooks
such an amazing experience all around! I cant say enough great things about the tetons. I would suggest staying in the village or right next to it for a nice morning walk to the slopes. So much fun and opportunity to progress - people say it is not a beginner mountain but I think if you have a good base (some experience or skate / surf) you will be good to go on this mountain as a “beginner”
The most beautiful riding-with-a-view mountain. The tetons are seriously special! This mountain is also great to progress on if you are a strong beginner or already an intermediate or above skill level. So much amazing ski apres, amazing fox and drink, th
Gerald Curry
Jackson Hole has always been one of my favorite ski destinations, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed this time around. The staff was rude and mean in some cases. I understand we all are dealing with COVID and things are difficult for all, but some of the actions I witnessed and experienced by staff was just plain wrong. I visited Steamboat, Copper, Snowshoe and Aspen all this year and customer service was so much better. Why can all those resorts able to handle COVID and still be welcoming and friendly and Jackson can't is beyond me. I actually had ski school instructor smack my snowboard with his pole and told to shut the hell up. If he wanted me to be quiet he could have been polite. The rudeness of the staff at the resort was the talk of the town this week. I am not sure if I will ever be back which is sad. I love Jackson.. and will be back in the summer, but as for the ski resort..not sure Special thanks to Aspen who is always a first class ski resort who always makes my family feel welcome. Jackson Hole Resport....shame on you
Jackson Hole is the best ski mountain in North American by far as I have been to all of the major resorts and none of them compare. There are so many chutes and off-piste opportunities on this mountain and, of course, the best backcountry skiing anywhere. If you love to ski Jackson Hole is the best.
Best overall mountain, incredible snow
If you like lines, poor and slow access to the good terrain, short lifts and runs, too many beginners, even longer lines with the droves of priory ski sports school clogging everything. One word describes this resort: overated. If you are serious skier, just go over the pass or up into Montana.
Looks good on paper
Lines, beginners everywhere, ski sports school
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