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Berghotel Hoher Knochen

Berghotel Hoher Knochen
Berghotel Hoher Knochen

Berghotel Hoher Knochen

<span class="ta-rev"><b>FrederikF_11: Nice for a weekend trip</b><br />The hotel is situated on top of a hill. So a big plus of this hotel is the view! We had some snow which is even giving an extra charm. We stayed for two nights and had an enjoyable stay in...<br /><br /></span><span class="ta-rev"><b>glvdb: Romantic getaway</b><br />The location of this hotel (on top of a mountain) is extremely beautiful. The first snow of the season was falling when we arrived in the hotel. We stayed for two days and had a very relaxing and...<br /><br /></span>
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 12 / 27
  • Popularity grade: 60


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