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Las Hayas Resort Hotel

Las Hayas Resort Hotel
Las Hayas Resort Hotel

Las Hayas Resort Hotel

Las Hayas Resort Hotel has become an architectural icon in Ushuaia city. Its image dominates the hillside of the mountain and it is impossible to be ignored by the visitor that arrived by plane to the International Airport, as well as the one who got by ship.It is a stylized shape crowned by black roofs with a tower. Its cone shaped dome, looks like medieval castles.The Hotel meanders the way to the Martial Glacier way up, leaving the houses set between the Beagle Channel and the mountains, behind.All traces of population start to disappear and, in each curve, the solid architecture of our hotel gains the scene. It is the most desired place for tourists who want to continue guessing the view, the environment within the beeches forest that cover the mountain line of southern Andes, with its snow-covered domes, visited by fluttering birds that stand the cold climate and heights.One last curve, and to the left appears the unharmed building. It has three and four floors, among the trees, surrounded by green grass, where the man’s hand, just appeared to emphasize the details, severely respecting the reigning nature.Whoever wants to feel pleased or feel that life has given a gift to him/her, will have to wait until the sun sets; let the shadows go lethargic and the outside lights around the building start illuminating the five hectares in the middle of natural woods. The building has almost 11 thousand square meters, from which 40% is destined to rooms.If at that same time you happen to be the city, 3 km distance, you will notice all the building looking as an eternal huge light-house between the evergreens and, the outstanding figure, would be a useful guide for drivers.The hotel has, also, a water purifying plant. Water comes from the mountain’s thaw. There is also an effluent refining plant; where the treatment consists on giving the used water back to the woods; with no contamination at all.The soil is a nourishing niche that ends up giving it its original purity.This process is regularly controlled by hygiene and security engineers.There’s a natural fact that must not be ignored and that guarantees the quality of the hotel’s environment: on the tree’s crust grows a moss that only exists in places where the air has a 100% purity rate.The interiorLas Hayas Resort Hotel is pure harmony in its decor. The lightning comes from the windows, the natural sun-light; but also from the ceiling lamps, which provide artificial light all along the lobby. The armchairs that surround the tiny tables, the interior plants and the environmental music generate a state of inner calm to the new visitors, who are welcomed by a highly qualified staff that will make you feel as a respected relative, recently arrived from a far distance.Harmony is the adjective that wins in the hotel.
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 21 / 55
  • Popularity grade: 84


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