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Hotel Chemihuttli

Hotel Chemihuttli
Hotel Chemihuttli

Hotel Chemihuttli

<span class="ta-rev"><b>CBEB1: Nice little place</b><br />We stayed here over the summer which I suppose is the 'off season' here as its mostly a ski hamlet. However we did get to check out the hike up in the hills behind the hotel along a woodland path...<br /><br /></span><span class="ta-rev"><b>Ellykoggle: Fantastic Lodge</b><br />Chemihuttli is a fantastic lodge and Rudy and Heidi are wonderful hosts. They both are immediately welcoming and very helpful. The location is one of my favorites, up high on the mountain...<br /><br /></span>
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 2 / 12
  • Popularity grade: 92


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