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California Ski Resort Projected Closing Dates

California Ski Resort Closing Dates

When are California ski resorts closing for the season? Check out this list of projected closing dates for ski resorts in California. Sort the list by Resort Name, Projected Closing, 24 Hour Snow, Base Depth and User Rating to help you plan the rest of your ski season and get those late-season turns in. All projected closing dates are subject to change at each resort's discretion depending on the snow conditions and other factors.
 Projected closing dateSnowfallBase DepthOpen Trails
Mt. BaldyProjected closing dateMarch 27, 2022Snowfall4"Base Depth-
Open TrailsN.A.
Tahoe DonnerProjected closing dateApril 10, 2022Snowfall2"Base Depth30-45"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails16/17
Snow ValleyProjected closing dateApril 10, 2022Snowfall5"Base Depth24-40"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails20/32
June MountainProjected closing dateApril 10, 2022Snowfall2"Base Depth12-55"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails36/43
Homewood Mountain ResortProjected closing dateApril 10, 2022Snowfall2"Base Depth26-56"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails65/67
Donner Ski RanchProjected closing dateApril 10, 2022Snowfall1"Base Depth45-45"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails20/52
Bear MountainProjected closing dateApril 16, 2022Snowfall6"Base Depth24-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails15/15
Snow SummitProjected closing dateApril 16, 2022Snowfall8"Base Depth24-48"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails25/27
Bear ValleyProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall3"Base Depth58-58"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails49/56
Sugar Bowl ResortProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall5"Base Depth41-98"
Spring Snow
Open Trails104/105
Soda SpringsProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall2"Base Depth111-111"
Packed Powder
Open Trails19/20
Ski China PeakProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall3"Base Depth85-85"
Machine Groomed
Open TrailsN.A.
Boreal Mountain ResortProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall8"Base Depth114-114"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails12/34
Mountain HighProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall1"Base Depth12-24"
Spring Snow
Open Trails13/59
Dodge RidgeProjected closing dateApril 17, 2022Snowfall4"Base Depth24-27"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails57/67
Northstar CaliforniaProjected closing dateApril 18, 2022Snowfall2"Base Depth18-82"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails100/100
HeavenlyProjected closing dateApril 24, 2022Snowfall1"Base Depth37-73"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails97/97
KirkwoodProjected closing dateMay 01, 2022Snowfall9"Base Depth61-70"
Machine Groomed
Open Trails89/90
Palisades TahoeProjected closing dateMay 15, 2022Snowfall5"Base Depth39"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails190/245
Mammoth MountainProjected closing dateMay 30, 2022Snowfall3"Base Depth58-105"
Variable Conditions
Open Trails150/150
Mt. Shasta Ski ParkProjected closing dateClosedSnowfall4"Base Depth16-16"
Machine Made
Open Trails15/32
Sierra-at-TahoeProjected closing dateClosedSnowfall18"Base Depth-
Open TrailsN.A.
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