Lift Ticket Prices for Ski Resorts in Northeast

How much is a lift ticket at Northeast ski resorts? Find the latest prices for single day, half day and multi-day adult and child lift tickets at Northeast ski areas wherever that information is available and provided by the mountain. For the most up-to-date prices, deals and discounts or to purchase lift tickets, visit the ski resort website directly.

Northeast Resort Lift Tickets | Most Current Pricing

ResortChild WeekdayAdult WeekdayChild 6-day passAdult 6-day pass
-US$ 70.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 51.00--
US$ 42.00US$ 56.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 48.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 30.00--
US$ 35.00US$ 42.00--
-US$ 40.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 52.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 64.00--
-US$ 37.00--
US$ 20.00US$ 30.00--
US$ 45.00US$ 81.00--I'll Take It
US$ 0.00US$ 72.00--
US$ 53.00US$ 80.00--
-US$ 35.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 69.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 53.00--
US$ 55.00US$ 77.00--
US$ 17.00US$ 38.00--
US$ 46.00US$ 75.00--
US$ 10.00US$ 55.00--
US$ 34.00US$ 44.00--
-US$ 54.00--
US$ 44.00US$ 78.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 45.00--
-US$ 78.00--I'll Take It
US$ 0.00US$ 76.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 45.00--
-US$ 48.00--
US$ 27.00US$ 27.00--
-US$ 62.00--I'll Take It
US$ 0.00US$ 59.00--I'll Take It
US$ 10.00US$ 75.00--
US$ 10.00US$ 50.00--
US$ 22.00US$ 84.00--I'll Take It
US$ 56.00US$ 76.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 115.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 40.00--
-US$ 40.00--
US$ 15.00US$ 53.00--
-US$ 62.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 65.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 89.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 69.00--
-US$ 26.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 20.00US$ 0.00US$ 119.00
-US$ 62.00--
-US$ 35.00--
-US$ 30.00--
-US$ 100.00--
US$ 53.00US$ 83.00--
-US$ 39.00--
-US$ 20.00--
US$ 25.00---
-US$ 32.00--
US$ 76.00US$ 100.00--I'll Take It
US$ 15.00US$ 20.00--
-US$ 56.00--
-US$ 49.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 79.00--
US$ 30.00US$ 45.00--
US$ 45.00US$ 69.00--
-US$ 61.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 65.00--
-US$ 55.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 49.00--
-US$ 48.00--
US$ 15.00US$ 25.00--
-US$ 30.00--
US$ 18.00US$ 62.00--I'll Take It
US$ 10.00---
US$ 0.00US$ 76.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 45.00--
US$ 15.00US$ 53.00--
-US$ 38.00--
-US$ 99.00--
US$ 10.00US$ 115.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 119.00--
US$ 65.00US$ 85.00US$ 465.00US$ 527.00
US$ 10.00US$ 35.00--
US$ 55.00US$ 79.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 49.00--
US$ 25.00US$ 52.00--
US$ 26.00US$ 36.00--
-US$ 55.00--
-US$ 39.00--
US$ 18.00US$ 65.00--I'll Take It
----I'll Take It
US$ 35.00US$ 49.00--
US$ 0.00US$ 35.00--
US$ 58.00US$ 94.00--I'll Take It
US$ 0.00US$ 75.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 75.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 43.00--
US$ 10.00US$ 77.00--I'll Take It
-US$ 35.00--
Northeast lift ticket prices are provided to directly by the mountain resorts and those resorts are responsible for their accuracy. Lift ticket prices are subject to change. Call resort for updates.


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