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Reviews for Snowbird

Read skier and snowboarder-submitted reviews on Snowbird that rank the ski resort and mountain town on a scale of one to five stars for attributes such as terrain, nightlife and family friendliness. See how Snowbird stacks up in the reviews, on and off the slopes, from skiing and family activities to the après scene. Read up on pros, cons and other comments in reviews left by fellow skiers and riders. Don't forget to submit your own Snowbird review! Scroll to the bottom of this page to let other travelers know about your skiing and resort experience.

Reviews for Snowbird

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Joe Smith
Great Mountain with Great Terrain. Got Dumped feet of snow in April... Full Review
Best Extreme Terrain in Countr...
Not Enough Versatility if Skii...
4 days ago
Susan Kuo
Incredible terrain, a bit dated lodge but just a classic experience.... Full Review
great terrain
low # of restaurants
4 months ago
Michael Calderobe
GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !!! Poor staff , poor snow control , poor line management. Never again returning and I’m an expert skier with a group of friends who enjoy other mountains besides snowbird. WHAT A MASSIVE LET DOWN !! ... Full Review
All of them !!
9 months ago
Bill Baggins
For a world class resort - with some of the deepest and most frequently refreshed powder - combined with epic terrain - it is remarkable how backward their attitude is toward customer service. Lets call Snowbird's Customer Service Bassakwards, like one of their runs. We visited Deer Valley twice and Snowbird twice. At Deer Valley they treat each customer like a special guest. Each employee acts like they have a vested interest in the outcome of the customer experience. At Deer Valley when you pull up to drop your ski gear next to the lodge, there are attendants that greet you pleasantly, welcome you to Deer Valley and offer to help you unload your skis and carry them to the ski rack. There is ample parking and skiers are quickly and efficiently transported from Parking to the slopes in multiple open transport vehicles. At Snowbird, we had to jump through hoops to get a parking pass, then wait in a long poorly run line to scan our pass and get into the parking lot. We found open parking spots and parked - only to find out when we got back that our vehicle in the afternoon, it had been booted and a big annoying warning sticker put on the driver’s window blocking the driver's ability to see through the driver's side window. We later found out Snowbird had placed a sign about 10 parking spaces away from where we parked saying that this area was designated as preferred parking requiring another special pass which we did not have. No welcoming attendant that helps with your skis and offers direction on parking, just poorly marked parking designations - a dangerous warning sticker mashed onto the driver's side window and a boot cleverly placed on our car, so we have to go visit their most unpleasant and rude public safety office in the bowels of the Snowbird Plaza. The Public Safety Officials were rude and unapologetic for the misunderstanding, the inconvenience and the lack of signage informing the uninitiated public of Snowbird's "Preferred Parking" arrangements. It seems odd that an organization that claims to cater to world class skiers is so backward in the art of "Customer Service." Dave Fields ought to visit Deer Valley and force his Managers and employees to learn from Deer Valley what world class customer service look like. They are worlds apart. No doubt Snowbird has better Powder Skiing Terrain and Snow - but is it really that hard to deliver your ski offering with good information, a friendly smile and basic manners. Leave the arrogance to lessor locations. A place like Snowbird that caters to wealthy skiers from all over the world should delivery in the same world class manner that other world class resorts operate. 5 Stars for Powder and Terrain - 1 Star for Customer Service "Negative 10 Stars" for Parking and "Negative 20 Stars" for "Public Safety" This partly for making my car unsafe to drive and partly for being so rude and arrogant about what you do. Snowbird likes to brag about their 1 star reviews. I dare you to publish this one on your advertising bill board. I hope this serves its purpose and you learn and hire a Public Safety leader that gets customer service and safety instead of the Neanderthals you currently employ at Snowbird. ... Full Review
Amazing Powder and Epic Terrai...
Customer Service and Parking S...
11 months ago
Douglas Smith
Has been my resort since 9th grade (34 years). It’s just perfection. When young I lived for the Peruvian bumps and cliffs off Gad Valley. Now I love steep, fast and long bombs from tram to tram. Alta is ok and a good Utah runner up (my main resort from 8-12 yo) but it ain’t the Bird! ... Full Review
Best mountain in Utah and in m...
If your learning go to bunny h...
1 year ago
I live in the Seattle area. I have been skiing for about 50 years, and I have skied at most of the major western US ski areas. Once I discovered Snowbird about 40 years ago I was all in. I still occasionally ski another area, and I am always disappointed because I could have been skiing Snowbird instead. Last year I had an IKON pass, but this year I am only getting a Snowbird season pass. Snowbird is the greatest ski area in the world if you are an expert. Nothing can match its snow and steep terrain. The Tram is fabulous in a storm. If you are an intermediate or beginner, you should probably go somewhere else. Many locals prefer Alta, but I find that I am often traversing are hiking at Alta. At Snowbird you can just point your skis downhill and go.... Full Review
terrain, snow, lifts, the Tram
2 years ago
C Thomas
I’ve been skiing for four years consistently in CO and can ski anything groomed. I’m in no way an expert skier, but if you are used to places like Copper Mountain, Winter Park or Eldora in CO, you will love this place! Snow is good, runs are fun, steep and interesting and it was not crowded at all on a weekday. We skied two days at Deer Valley and it was a snooze fest, icy and narrow crowded runs. Coming here made us understand the beauty of Utah skiing! We will definitely be back and look forward to the other local mountains like Alta and Solitude.... Full Review
Short lift lines during the we...
Not for beginners
2 years ago
Sharon undefined
Don’t...You have to buy a combined Alta/snowbird ticket that costs $160 and take 25% off that. Not a deal at all. Buy your lift tickets down at the bottom of the canyon at the Lifthouse… 105 for Alta and 97 for a Snowbird. Much better deal!... Full Review
Using ikon to purchase lift ti...
2 years ago
Jim W
One of the runs is called Barry Barry Steep. That pretty much sums up the mountain. If you want challenges at all levels, plenty of powder this is the place. If you want a lot of groomed runs, that is fine, just go somewhere else, like Park City or Deer Valley. Fantastic ski school, best ever IMO.... Full Review
Mountain for serious skiiing &...
2 years ago
Yifu undefined
Snowboarder from Seattle visited last week of January with a skier friend. Since it was our first time here we took the free tour guided by mountain host Shawn and Ryan. Shawn and Ryan are incredibly knowledgeable about the mountain and took us to the best runs, also showed us some of the local's favorite gates and areas. They gave us some background on the history of the mountain and made the whole experience a lot more unique and enjoyable. The bowl just under the little cloud chairlift was our favorite and although it was 2 days after the last snowfall we still managed to get some sweet powder slashes. ... Full Review
Terrific snow, incredible staf...
2 years ago
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