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Reviews for Sipapu Ski Resort

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Sipapu is a great family friendly ski resort. Lift tickets and ski lessons are cheap compared to anywhere else. There isn’t anything to do in Sipapu after the lifts close, but if you are wanting to get a lot of ski time and not wait in lines, this is the best place to ski.
Great place to take your family skiing for the first time
Eddie Lentz
Seems this place gets some bad reviews, but if you are looking for a drivable (from TX), family friendly/budget friendly place that has decent snow and snowmaking, this is it. While it may not have an impressive vertical or sizeable acreage it is small enough to let the kids loose. This is a great place for beginner/intermediate skiers/boarders and families with kids. Coming from TX, the roads will be fine unless there are blizzard conditions because you don't really begin to ascend until after Mora. It ain't Taos, Granby or any other trendy place that the stay-at-home moms will recognize, but you are doing this for your kids. The accommodations and dining options may not be what you will find in other places (they are a little rough), but they will work and are fairly priced IMO. There are 2 really good places for the kids to sled in the national forest nearby which is a bonus. If you are staying here, which I would recommend, just understand you are in BFE and come prepared. Family Dollar in Vadito and Mora may be your only grocery options unless you want to drive to Taos which pretty much sucks too outside the ski valley.
Budget friendly
BFE (but maybe that is good)
Lorna Payne
I enjoyed the mountain itself as an intermediate snowboarder and it was nice to not have to trek via bus or gondola from the car. However, we waited in like for over 1.5 hours to get our rental gear. It ended up being our entire morning. They had a sign saying short staffed at the very front but it seems they are knowingly short staffed and should have a disclaimer on the website. I’d suggest renting in town and then coming to ski. If I hadn’t had such a terrible rental experience it would be 5 stars.
Great mountain, not terribly crowded.
Rentals take way too long
Antonio Martinez
I have always had the best experience at Sipapu it is such a great place.!!!
One of Northern New Mexico's Jems! I love this place!!!
Lance undefined
staying in the "hotel" ("motel" on the sign above the building) we have no TV, no WiFi. we have to plug the toilet everytime we flush (plunger included, gee thanks). sleeping with window open because you can't control the heater. so I asked politely 2 times if I could please leave a day early due to the fact I'm not happy. we are staying 3 days. paid in advance. I do understand that it says no refunds 15 days prior to arrival. the conditions are poor at best. again, I asked 2 twice about leaving 1 day early...all i was told was, "uh, no". I will never EVER visit this place again.
The slopes
The lodge, the service, the rooms, everything but the slopes.
Kara Lanctot
The two women who were running the inside of the ski school (behind the desk) were so rude and horrid to people who were waiting. It was a long wait and we heard nothing but negative - I wish I had not come. On the other hand there was a staff member going through the line making sure we had things ready we needed who was a doll and the instructors we had once out on the bunny slopes made up for it.
Low cost, most of staff are awesome
staff inside the ski school
I discovered Sipapu while taking advantage of free rooms in Taos. Took my adult daughter with me and we both fell in love with the place. Last two years my daughter, my grandson, and I have all been back. The grandson skis only black,so we usually spend one day at Taos just to get him fully challenged. However, I now ski free at Sipapu, since I am over 70. Free rooms in Taos seem to have disappeared, but lodging is still cheap at the slopes. I will continue to go back for as long as my health holds out.
Inexpensive, short lift lines
short runs, slow equipment rental
Matt undefined
I ski at Sipapu over the rest of NM ski mountains for several reasons: family friendly, reasonably priced lift tickets, very rarely crowded and variety of terrain. I recommend Sipapu to everyone.
Family friendly, rarely crowded
Not the biggest mountain
Kurt undefined
Wish I had taken my family to learn to ski here instead of steamboat/ski Santa Fe. It would have saved me a bunch of coin. This is a great little ski hill if your intentions are skiing and and enjoying some challenging runs. This is a great ski hill. It’s not fair to compare it to the major resorts but the price reflects that. No real ski apres or social actives, but when it comes to skiing it is by far the value I have come across.
Great value/good skiing
David Keaty
Sipapu has been one of my favorite, most beloved ski areas in NM for the last 15 years since I started boarding. I taught 3 girlfriends how to snowboard here, and I knew I really loved the 3rd, because she didn’t quit after the first time she fell. We’ve been snowboarding here together ever since, and I plan to teach our daughter to snowboard here as well. Yes, she’s only 15 months old, but she’s very athletic. Don’t judge me. Straight up baby adrenaline junkie. In conclusion, Sipapu is my special winter wonderland, and if you’re looking for a place with friendly locals, runs for any skill level and breath taking scenic views straight out of a story book; make the trip! It’s worth every second ❤️
One of the last small, local resorts that hasn’t been commercialized
Can’t buy beer until 10am, but that’s not their fault
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