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Reviews for Mountain High

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Joseph Stratemeier
Mountain high is a resort catering to skiers and riders from the south San Joaquin valley, Antelope valley, and greater Los Angeles areas of CA. The learning experience here is pretty good, with open low-pitch slopes on the lower mountain and a carpet that's away from the main lifts enough to not cause a problem for others. The crowds here are pretty bad, which makes sense due to its location. Since there aren't many runs, they get pretty congested. On a clear day, you can see the ocean from the top lift, which is pretty cool. They have a good park setup with natural progression built-in. The real downside to MH is the snow. They just don't get that much snow, and the snow they do get is very wet and sloppy. The snow turns to mashed potatoes almost immediately after it falls. If you're in the SoCal area, just drive the extra hours to Mammoth, and for Kern County residents, China Peak is only a half-hour farther and offers a way better experience.
Good terrain for beginners, good terrain park
Snow quality/quantity, crowds, small size
Jamie Li
Our lesson started out very nice today, with many instructors. The main instructor was an older man who was pretty nice at first, but then he started complaining about the other instructors and it just got bad. one of them was a very old man who didn't seem to know what was going on. We asked a nice women teacher to help us to turn, but the main instructor didnt like that. He kept telling her not to talk. There was a few other nice men there, but they were not alloweed to help. The main instructor became very agitated when one of our friends fell and it took a long time for him to join us. This older guy threw down his equipment and made a scene. The nice women instructor stayed late to teach us how to turn. We were really confused after all of this. Otherwise, the people at the mountain were all very nice and the rental people too even though my friend got poles where one of them didn't have the rubber thingy at the bottom. Want to come back but only if we get a Nice instructor. Please be aware of your teachers, Mountain High. Overall we had a good day.
Some Nice Instructors
A Very Rude Instructor
Angel Wings
Forcing the public to eat only food and drink bought at the park makes mountain high completely unfriendly towards families. The food is often old, moldy and always overpriced. Bad move mountain high. Greed will cost you. From what I hear not even employees are allowed to bring their own food to eat on lunch break. Wow is that even legal? Boo to the owners.
David D
Overall our experience was pretty good. Snow conditions were good given the fact that MH is a busy place and in a challenging climate area (So Cal). The lifts were a bit on the older side and my youngest wondered why many of them had no safety bars. The only lift to be problematic that I saw was the one that serviced Easy Street. Parking was as expected, busy. Get here real early on high traffic days and you'll be blessed with a parking spot at either resort, otherwise you'll have to park at the East to take the shuttle over to the West. The main road is a 2 lane rural road, so there will be traffic jams at the start and end of the day (8:30-4). Generally the lifties were friendly and did their job, likewise with the counter help at the ticket booth, lot attendants and elsewhere. A shout out to Alyssa (sp?) at the children's learning center who exemplified customer service, helping us over an issue with some gear. Regarding the lessons, there was some confusion with one son's full day skiing lesson and he was placed in a half day, that got sorted but he wasn't able to get any learning drills up on the lift accessed slopes which he was told that he would. My wife and other son felt that the first time lessons for snowboarding were taught at a level or so above their non-experience and they could have benefited from a different teaching style. Traffic on the slopes was busy during our time there and I expected the usual mix of higher density boarders to a lower number of skiers with the attendant issues. I would expect this at any So Cal ski area though, it's par for the course given the region. Expect shredders and newbies mixing it up, so use situational awareness and have fun- That's why we go, right? Overall though the crowds were generally respectful of each other and I didn't witness any issues between folks that would be cause for concern. Lodge life was typical for the level of ski area that it is, I didn't imbibe in apres ski drinks at the base (I had to drive) but the food is average park food, a bit pricey though as was the alcohol. The firepits at the west lodge looked nice and cozy. The vibe is typically chill SoCal. Generally the place was a decent value for the money, no doubt you may find a better snow experience in different areas (CO, UT, BC etc), but as has been mentioned to the point of distraction, MH is an easily accessible place usually with decent snow. A great place to learn and do some growing before driving up to Mammoth, Tahoe, the Wasatch and beyond or maybe it's your home mountain and you're fine with that.
Easily accessible, reasonably priced
Can be crowded, parking can be tough
Bad snow, not crowded, easy access, CHEAP
Jake Manson
Emily is AMAZING! I’m not exactly sure what her position is but on this night she played the role of a life saver!! Three of my friends and I were parked 2 miles away from the resort and needed to get back to our car! Emily offered to take us back down the road in her Subaru. Not only this, but she waited until our car started and made us laugh the whole 2 mile trip down to my car. The Subaru could have been cleaned out a little better but she wasn’t expecting company on this chilly night, so we weren’t too disturbed! It’s employees like these that bring value to the world of customer service. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!!
Hands get cold when the gloves get wet
Kim Hud
The Points Pass is the best beginner pass of any mountain. Free magic carpet, 10pts for riding the beginner chair and 20pts for the quad chair. Four people can share the pass per day. I have taught 5 kids to ski on one pass. 1000 pts for $260 and 500 pts for $160. Several trips on one pass. The best way for any mountain to create future skiers/boarders. When the east mountain is open they have ok expert runs. The food is not great. On a snowy day, the snow players jam the roads. It can take 3 hours to get off the mountain. SoCal weather is a big issue, they manage snow well.
The beginner family program
Food, traffic, weather
Maggie Torres
I absolutely love Moutain High! I wish winter lasted longer ! The employees are helpful and very kind ! Resort is fully staffed lines are short and fast! Maintenance is great ! Restrooms are clean at all times big plus !!!
All employees are very helpful and kind !
I wish it would snow longer LOL
Nathan Chan
This place is definitely no mammoth, but still a fun and great value nonetheless. For what it is, MH is a pretty decent place for snowboarders, especially with all the park features and varying terrain. Their night sessions are great (open until 10pm, but make sure to check the calendar!) as I could get a few runs directly after work. On some days, the beginner trails were a bit dangerous, as people would randomly sit around the beginner lift - blocking the way to other lifts. Wish that the staff would have better means of line management. The 2017-2018 season was pretty disappointing due to the lack of snow but the MH staff did a great job with what they had. Looking forward to visiting again next season!
Location, Park features, Open at night
Went here yesterday evening; not terrible, considering highs in the 60°s plus for the past week... if you ski/board a lot, then it's not much of what you don't already know. They've been blowing on 40% of the resort whenever overnight lows hit, but the base is tremendously icy. Meaning first chair is great (early spring conditions) when it's groomed - midday is awful once it's slush (daytime temps in the high 60°s), and night riding is decent once the snow gets pushed around by people who've spent all day sliding around on their backside. Stick to either side of the runs (avoid the icy "plowed over" center), and you can have a great evening of boarding in a t-shirt.
Frequent snowmaking
Man-made snow is reallyyyy sticky (cappy snow)
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