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Reviews for Alpental

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Rick Quint
I haven't skied it in years - health - but I terrorized it in the late 60's/early 70's. Upper International was (is?) rated the 7th toughest run in NA. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time there, both as an employee and a skier. Started skiing there the 2nd year it was open when you had to have three feet of snow to start. Oh, the memories!
Whole lotta expert terrain, for the PNW.
Not much nightlife, but man, did the locals party after hours back in the day.
Fred Haas
I've skied here since 1972, patrolled it for 25 years. Raised two experts skiers in the instruction and racing programs. This is the real deal; posers need not apply. If you can ski Alpental, you can ski the world. It is not for everyone, but for those who understand it, it is simply the best!
steep, deep and ready to eat your lunch!
old, natural terrain, not for non-dedicated skiers
Nathan Y
I have skied here since I was 5. I have skied many many other areas in the US and this is as good as any when it has the conditions, but it has the tendency to be overhyped. First don't let stats fool you, the area is only 300 acres and about 200 of that are generally open. the top chair is the other 100 or so and generally opens later in the day after patrollers bomb the place, some days it does not open, which leaves the area to be mostly intermediate. there is some excellent backcountry but it is not very large and much of it funnels to tight basins at the bottom which means lines get skied out quickly. The backcountry is not often open on snow days, so expect to only hit it a few days after a dump and hope that the conditions haven't turned. There are a lot of excellent local skiers in the seattle area who are always eager to hit prime conditions. When an epic day arrives, those locals will skip work and school to line up prior to first chair. When the mountain opens, expect the place to go full zoo mode until about 2-3 hours later when everything is tracked out and the place empties. Alpental does get more snow than almost any other in the US, except other WA areas, but the conditions deteriorate quickly. A huge dump at reasonable temps can be almost nullified within a day or so if the temps warm up then refreeze. International is known as a proving ground run and is said to be around 43 degree pitch. It can get sketchy and is definitely one of those runs that many younger skiers claim as there first 'real' steep, but often it is a moguled out mess full of skiers that maybe are out of their league. Don't get me wrong, I love this place and ski as often as I can but I wouldn't consider a trip to here unless I was in the area. No, I am not trying to keep more people from coming, I just think that it is not a destination area like many people make it out to be.
when it's good it's great
very small area
undefined undefined
quite a good local mountain, a lot of snow in the area. good terrain, but the top chair desperately needs an upgrade, especially with how many more people started coming in 2019.
gets a ton of snow, has great backcountry and upper mountain runs with fun terrain
a ton of people started coming in 2019 and the top chair is too old.
Jerry Connors
I have skied here since I was three, and I will admit the snow is not the best. The terrain is amazing, if you are an intermediate or expert, I would highly recommend.
great tree skiing, nice difficult terrain.
no park, no good beginner runs
Daniel Hotes
Where do I begin? I've been skiing at alpental since 1975.. alpental is one of my favorite resorts and it is old school to the max!.. the most epic backcountry around, killer box canyon end of the road location, epic old School logo, at the best part is if you measure rise over run from the base parking lot to the top of chair two on Google Earth Alpental is the steepest ski resort in North America.... Yep it is!! Shot 6 is crazy steep and knolls 1 2 and 3 are worthy of Hall of Fame status! You have not skied the kind until you have skied the best old school resort on this planet.
Easy to get to, epic backcountry, old school looking, epic steep
Crowded on weekends
Jack DeBruler
I love this place its where i grew up and where im still growing up. I did my first double black here when i was 8 on upper international. Also Alpental has some great back country.
Fun double blacks
Often crowded on chair 2
I grew up skiing here. The best for advanced terrain at the Summit. Lodge needs a remodel and upgrade, food is lousy compared to Silver Fir, no espresso stand.
Advanced terrain
Little beginner terrain, magic carpet rarely open
Ze Mon
I've been skiing here for nearly all of my time since I was 1. Alpental has some of the best terran and BC. You gotta gotta find it on the right days.
Fantastic mountain, Awesome views, Great Backcountry, Nice Ski Patrol, Pretty alright food
Chair 2s long lines sometimes.
Bad food, roads and parking lot are not cleaned, long lines on very slow chair to get to expert terrain. However, mountain itself is great.
expert terrain
food, uncleaned parking and roads
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