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Reviews for Mt. Hood Meadows

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I love Meadows as the night pass is only $200 for the season and there aren’t many resorts left that are “affordable”! The terrain is varied and anyone can find trails or off-piste that are fun for everyone. With the new MHX 6 seater lines are much shorter. All around a great mountain resort!
Steeps and deep!! More varied terrain than T-Line and way better snow than Ski Bowl.
Some trails don’t have a way down for beginners! Whoopi is NOT a green run, so beginners get discouraged when hitting North Canyon!
Hannah Hurty
I love meadows. Deals are more affordable than Timberline, and way better snow generally than Ski Bowl. Jakob, one of the lift operators is super friendly and always lets us do one last run when closing.
Claire Wakeley
I came to meadows with high expectations after seeing some cool videos on YouTube. It’s a great place to play in the snow and hang with friends. However, the terrain is very flat and hilly/ unpredictable. I’m a decent rider and think this resort would be much better suited for skiing. The snow that came down wound up feeling pretty heavy even on a fresh tracks kind of day. Definitely don’t bring a powder board here. My first day there was no visibility, snow, 45 mph wind, no lift lines… day 2, 5 fresh inches of snow and long lines. Day 1, there were two legitimate lifts to ride, on day two lots of lifts opened up and I felt relieved to discover the other half of the resort. Come prepared to mosey around, wait in some lift lines and ski <5 min runs all day. That’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for. Always fun to get out in the snow. Overall I felt extremely underwhelmed.
67 miles from Vancouver
Flat terrain only 2000 vertical gain
Superfly Ny
I love The Meadows. There is enough variable, challenging, fun terrain to have kept me entertained for a decade.
Great playground. Steep runs, Big trees, & good vibes.
Weekends are busy. Check the weather/temps, it can get pretty wet.
Beginner lessons were a waste of money if you plan on any busy day. They have also become resort more focused on their bottom line. Feels more like a money grab than ever before. Not sure it’s worth it here anymore.
Intermediate lessons for kids were good.
Busy days are worthless. Price gouging these days
Curtis Miller
I have been going to Meadows for about 38 years. The food is okay, but usually a little expensive. The terrain is above average in terms of variety and size. The conditions are average for Oregon, slightly east of the crest, so a little drier and colder further west. My primary complaint was on my most recent visit. I know that a single needs to sit towards the middle on the quad chair (right or left center seat were always okay in the past). But I was yelled at repeatedly (bottom and top of the Cascade lift) for sitting about 8 inches to the right of the midpoint of the chair. If it is that important for the single to sit in the dead center of the chair, they should either post a sign on the lift or the employees should get off their behinds and give instructions to riders calmly and precisely.
variety of terrain, instruction
high daily tickets pricing midseason
josh anderson
terrain is the best you will find around if you are around the Portland metro area and wanna go up for the day. they have steep tree runs and good parks plus some canyons when weather permits. Timberline is the next best thing and is pretty fun but most of the runs there are kind of flat so I end up with a meadows season pass every year. I live about 1:15 minutes away so unless I want to drive way out of my way I'm basically left with MtHood resorts to pick from. The lines are becoming worse and worse every year with no signs of them doing anything to fix the issue. They fill up the Main lot on weekdays and weekends are a Absolut shit show. When I first got my season pass some years back weekends were busy and week days were gold. they haven't added a Ski lift in many years and often don't even run all the lifts they do have even when conditions are ideal which leads to waiting more for lifts then actual riding. The Runs usually take me less then 3 minutes to go down and wait time is 20+ minutes even on weekdays unless the weather is bad(windy or raining). Allot of potential if they would simply stop over packing the resort with people, but at the end of the day they want money more then they want people having a good experience.
A Likely Story
Been skiing there for 45 years. Worked there decades ago. It's always been the same. They under-report (mislead) lousy weather and their idea of expansion is another lodge or base bldg rather than a chairlift. Horrific lines result. Pricey everything.
Cost/Customer Service
Disclaimer: I have not had a chance yet to check the terrain. I actually have great hopes for this resort, and the fact that it's close to home gets me excited. However, the bad customer service I experienced today with them gave me a very, very bad impression. Here is how it went down: I bought a couple of Night Season Passes for Meadows about two months ago and just now realized that the night season starts almost one month later than the regular season. I now think that this pass is not a good value for the money after taking into account all its restrictions. I made a poor choice. But anyway, since I was not aware of this and I was hoping to go snowboarding this weekend I called them to check the hours of operation and any covid restrictions. The person on the phone mentioned that they were still trying to figure out when night operations will actually start, given the whole Covid thing. Until here, it's all understandable. We're all in this together, right? However, to try to get a more precise answer about the whole night operations thing, I went to their office in Portland. The lady at the front desk said to me and my partner that night operations are scheduled to start on December 18th and she later corrected to December 19th. No biggy. When I pointed out that at the time of purchase it hadn't been clear for me that night operations will start late she said in a rather rude manner: "It is a rule of thumb that night operations will start after regular operations," "it is obvious that night operations will not start right away". She also pointed out that if I wanted something different I needed to buy the day pass. Her responses and manners were less than nice. In summary, what I gathered from her responses is that I am pretty stupid for buying these passes. I am extremely disappointed with this customer service experience that I got with them. I have not used their facilities, but I hope to be able to take advantage of the limited access this night pass provides. I am stuck with it anyway. I also hope that the terrain compensates for how badly I feel I was treated by that person at their front desk during our short 3-5 mins interaction. Seriously, worse customer service experience I ever had for anything! Like low-cost airline customer service on steroids.
Bad Bad costumer Service
Close to home
Meadows is my favorite Hood resort but far, can get really really crowded on weekends especially if a fresh pow dump. Parking can be hell but they have numerous shuttle and bus options to help reduce that somewhat! Winter sports have exploded in popularity in the area so weekdays are by far the best days to go if an option. The terrain is very diverse and there’s a terrain park around every corner it seems, if that’s your thing. I’ve had zero problems with staff. Infact I’ve observed on numerous occasions staff taking extraordinary verbal abuse from entitled guests who think they’re more important than the other thousands and still act very professional and go above and beyond in accommodating those guests(when they honestly didn’t have to!) The snow wasn’t the greatest this season but that’s not on the resort! Unfortunately covid-19 shut everything down early this year! Definitely looking forward to the 20-21 season!!!
Meadows has the most diverse terrain options for all levels of any Mt Hood Resort
True beginner terrain is very limited
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