JSX is the Easiest Way to Fly to the Colorado Rockies

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It’s no secret that the most tedious, and often stressful and time-consuming part of a ski vacation is the traveling itself and actually getting to the ski resort. Between crowded airports, baggage check, security lines, overflowing gates, and more, it all adds up. This is particularly the case when flying in and out of Colorado, and especially during the winter on a powder day. 

Enter JSX (Joyful, Simple eXperience), a hassle-free, hop-on jet service that offers nonstop flights to the Colorado Rockies, flying in and out of Rocky Mountain Airport (BJC), which is conveniently located between Boulder and Denver. Rocky Mountain Airport is just minutes from I-70, which is the route to Colorado’s world-class ski resorts like Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek. 

Group of friends boarding JSX jet

Get To Know JSX 

Imagine checking into your flight 20 minutes before takeoff, but rather than being late and stressed, you’re actually right on time and stress-free. That’s not a pipe dream. That’s the JSX Experience. JSX was created with skiers and riders in mind, saving up to 2 hours of time often spent at airports, and offering seamless nonstop flights between private terminals, complete with valet service, free checked bags, and more. Here are five ways that make JSX the easiest way to fly to the Colorado Rockies for a ski trip. 

1. Save hours by flying in and out of Rocky Mountain Airport

If you’re flying into Denver to go skiing, then you’re often spending well over an hour just to cross town on your way to many of Colorado’s ski resorts. However, JSX flies in and out of Rocky Mountain Airport, west of Denver, which can literally save hours on a Colorado ski trip that’s often spent in Denver traffic. 

2. Crowd-free private terminals that save hours of time

JSX’s private terminals with valet service is the biggest time saver. There are no long lines, no airport hassles, and no running across airport terminals. Simply valet your car and check-in just 20 minutes before takeoff.  

JSX jet inside private terminal

3. Free checked baggage

Checking skis, snowboards, and other gear is perhaps the most tedious and expensive part about flying for skiers and riders. Not to mention that many airlines have their own rules about skis and snowboards. However, JSX offers at least 2 free checked bags as part of your fare (up to 50 lbs. each), which includes bags for skis and snowboards.

4. Comfortable 30-seat jets with business class amenities

The terms “roomy” and “comfortable” aren’t typically used to describe flying unless you can afford a first-class ticket. However, JSX’s 30-seat jets offer the comfort and legroom of business class seating. Traveling with your dog? JSX welcomes small and big dogs in the cabin, for a fee, as part of their dog-friendly policy. 

Flight attendant on JSX flight serving passenger a beverage

5. Free perks that airlines typically charge for

The charges add up on airlines quickly, from extra charges for  inflight Wi-Fi to snacks and beverages. However, there is no nickel and diming on JSX. Take advantage of free Starlink high-speed Wi-Fi with low latency, while enjoying complimentary snacks and cocktails inflight. Simply put, JSX offers private jet perks at airline prices.

Getting To The Ski Resorts 

JSX travelers who book rental cars with Go Rentals can enjoy JSX-exclusive rates. Within seconds of disembarking, travelers are greeted by a Go concierge with a bottle of water and keys to the exact car that they’ve requested. That means no waiting for a car rental shuttle in the cold, no long car rental lines, and no paperwork. Minutes after disembarking travelers can be on I-70 and on the way to their ski resort. Reserve your vehicle at jsx.gorentals.com, or by calling (800) 464-8267.

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