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It's snowing in Kissing Bridge 5" of fresh powder is calling.

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Snow Before You Go: Fast-Moving Storm En Route

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Firsthand Reports

Resort Photos
Kissing Bridge12 day(s) ago
KB South 2/9/2020
New Snow : 3" Packed powder0
Kissing Bridge2 months ago
Already bare spots. They'll be closed by next week. Don't waste your time.
New Snow : 0" Wet Snow0
Kissing Bridge1 years ago
Skied on 3 trails yesterday fun wow. What a dump this place is.
New Snow : 0
Resort Photos
buffalo boarder
Kissing Bridge1 years ago
Late March. unreal conditions. Holly lift to South lift open. 15$ lift tix made even better. got better as day rolled on. get out if you can.
New Snow : Machine Groomed80
Lee’s iPhone
Lee’s iPhone
Kissing Bridge2 years ago
Lots of snow but it's slow...getting kind of slushy
New Snow : Wet Snow32