All but a few of the ski and snowboard mountains in the Rockies have been struggling with lower-than-normal snowfall this early season, and [R2907R, Eagle Point Resort] has borne the worse of it – so far.

Despite the southern swing of some early-season storms, they didn’t find the mountain above Beaver, Utah, and the resort remains closed as of Jan. 10. Significant snowfall came in October and November, with two feet falling. But temperatures warmed to above freezing, and haven’t cooled down since. And, the resort does not have snowmaking that could take advantage of colder weather, if it comes.

“It was 50 degrees on Christmas day,” base operations manager Lane Tucker to OnTheSnow. “We need at least 12 inches for even a spotty opening.”

When snow has fallen, Tucker said the winds have pushed it around so that coverage is inconsistent, at best. Skiers and riders possibly could get some turns if snowfall was heavy, he said, but that’s unlikely in Utah – the land of dry powder. Eagle Point is the only resort in Utah still unable to open.

Ironically, the 2010-2011 season was one of the snowiest on record for the resort formally known as Elk Meadows. On several occasions, the road up to the area was closed due to avalanches.

Tucker urges skiers and riders who want to hit Eagle Point’s 625 acres of trails and slopes to keep an eye on the resort’s Facebook page by clicking here for the latest updates.

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