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Reviews for Ski Granby Ranch

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Sky Streety
We’ve been a few times and always love our experience. The staff is wonderful and they have improved the scanning areas for easier and faster lift access. The views are wonderful. I wish they had snacks, hot chocolate, etc up top.
Great family experience and ski in/ski out options. Not overly crowded, lots of fun and fellowship at the base area. A lot to offer for various levels without the crowds.
Elevation leads to less snow and a shorter season.
Madeleine Gomez
This is my second time - loved ski in ski out, not super crowded, great team
Had a great time, everyone was nice to us, super ski teachers and my grandson is a skier now
No discounts until you’re 75 lol
Joy C
I enjoy that you can ski in, ski out, and the ski instructors were nice to my family and friends who were learning how to ski in a group lesson. However, we came back again and this time there is only lessons in the afternoons. Overall I love this place, been going here since I was a toddler-and still love it!!
You can ski in, ski out, nice instructors.
Kids ski lessons only in afternoon, prices higher than ever
Michael L
Spent MLK holiday weekend with 2 families in Granby CO at one of the ski and ski out condos. We all had a great time here. We had 3 children with us 4,6 and 7. They all had a really good time and we’re able to make alot of progression at this mountain. The green runs are steep enough for beginner snowboarders to learn without being stuck in catwalk like easy way downs you might experience at big resorts. Blue runs are fairly wide and not too technically difficult. Did a few black runs but they were pretty barren and lacking snow coverage in places. Been snowboarding for 12 years and I had a good time here. Came in expecting a small acreage beginner mountain and that is exactly what we received. Easy on the budget and a great place to teach little kids.
Great Beginner Mountain
Not a ton of acres to ski
Cade Moeller
It is a very boring mountain. There is zero terrain. Workers tore down the jumps we made. Lazy workers. The mountain is not snowboarder friendly. Has so many catwalks. Probably the worst terrain park in the USA. Lifts are stopped at least twice every time you take the lift up. They only groom 2 runs. Food is overpriced and not good. Drinks are over priced and not strong. Overall a terrible resort. I have been coming here for the last 12 years and every year the resort is getting progressively worse. Don’t even get me started on the rental equipment. All their gear is terrible and they do not stay true to their hours or their online website. The biggest disappointment would be the amount of terrain in this resort. It seems like this mountain is built for 5 year olds and 5 year olds only.
It’s cheapest option
Zero terrain, lifts are too slow, lifts are outdated. Mountain is very boring. Not a snowboard friendly mountain. Too many catwalks
Matt Clement
This was our first---and last---visit to Granby Ranch. The mountain is's small, but just right for a beginner skier like our 12 year old. She was able to gain some confidence on the gentle green runs and even on the blues. It helped a lot before we headed to Winter Park---which we hadn't planned to do because...this resort is incredibly mis-managed. The lift lines were up to 45 minutes long because of oversold lift tickets (by the admission of the ticket supervisor, Jed) and a terrible crew of lift line 'managers' who had no rhyme or reason for how they managed getting people on the lift. 'Landin', one of the lift line people, would randomly disappear...with 45 minute lines, they still had chairs going up empty. The lifts themselves also never ran longer than about 5 minutes before being stopped or paused presumably because the lift operators are not much better than anyone else here at their job. The runs themselves were fine so long as the snow was falling, but once it stopped...the near total lack of grooming (only about 4 trails out of the 46 they list were groomed) reared its head. Within 2 days of historic snow dumps in the area, this mountain had bare spots and patches of ice that were dangerous to go across. A mountain this size shouldn't have an issue like's just a lack of investment. Covid means having to wear a mask while in lines and common areas....but the way even that was managed by this staff was terrible. One guy, 'Brody', used a megaphone about a foot from my face to tell people to "pull your mask up, or walk up the mountain...I really don't care". I get the frustration of getting people to keep their masks up...but you don't talk to paying guests that way, with a megaphone about a foot away from someone. The next day they had a guy in tactical gear walking a narc dog thru the lines and likewise hassling folks about their kids masks. Pretty ridiculous---especially since they'd oversold the week and created these mess of lines in the first place. Apres Ski...this isn't the place for it but even lunch was a hassle because of the lack of chairs and if Spring Break crowds surprised this management team or they simply didn't care. They overbooked equipment rentals as well...they gave my wife a pair of junior skis because apparently that's all they had. We called the guy on it and he stubbornly claimed they were the right skis for, they weren't. In the've got a nice little mountain that could be perfect for families and beginners to enjoy. The terrain is great for those who aren't ready for bigger mountains or families that don't want to have to worry about losing their kids. But utterly poor management, terrible staff, long lines, a poorly maintained mountain and a raft of other issues means this is a place to skip. The cheaper lift tickets are simply not worth it compared to Winter Park or any of the Summit County resorts. It's not a resort that deserves to stay in business and that's a shame.
Great mountain for beginners
Lift lines, rude staff, poor grooming and snow mgmt
Reese Robison
We were blown away by the exceptional service by the entire staff! Every single person genuinely wanted to help and had great attitudes! The resort itself was perfect for our group of teen first time skiers but still challenging enough for the experienced ones to enjoy too! The perfect size! We can’t wait to come back!
Great for beginners and experienced skiers alike.
Sharon baer
Granby ranch is horrible. I planned all our ski lift purchases before the season began. I bought all our guests 3 day lift passes with the promise, in writing on the GR website, that for a certain small amount they could be upgraded to a season pass. Imagine my surprise when today grandsons came back for a second time from out-of-state to find out that the resort CHANGED THEIR MIND and will no longer offer a season pass for a small additional fee. So today I should have paid about $40 each for 2 children to ski all week. instead I will be paying about $250 a child. Seriously, I don't know how you can quote a price in writing and change your mind. They are deceitful cheaters. I have other kids coming out next week and the same thing will happen to them. They decided to stay all week, and their 3 day pass will not be able to be upgraded as promised.
Nice for beginners
Company cheats you
Brooke C
Granby Ranch customer service is a joke. I signed my kids up for ski school and was under the impression that lift tickets were included per their website. I guess if you pick ski lesson only when signing up the lift ticket is not included. I spoke to the ski school manager prior to their ski class and let him know that I would pay the difference for the class that included the lift tickets, which was $20 and I was told I would have to pay almost $120 for lift tickets since I signed up for the wrong class or my kids wouldn’t be able to participate even though it does not say anything on the website about lift tickets not being included. I showed the staff on the website that is does not say anything about lift tickets not being included and the manager said it was implied
Horrible customer service!!
Couldn’t use our lift tickets last year after reports shut down due to covid. We were told that they’d be honored this year with vouchers. When it was time to redeem the vouchers I was told that the new management was not honoring 3 day passes, only single day. I will not be attending Granby with my family again any time soon.
Family atmosphere
New management
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