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Reviews for Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area

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I am biased because my family has enjoyed Badger Pass since the 1960’s, but recent visits remind me why we love it so much. The staff are all so friendly and I think that feeling rubs off on the guests. Nowhere do I get more smiles from strangers. Maybe it’s because we’re all having a great day in YOSEMITE! Beginners can take advantage of a discounted ticket price for lower lifts only. We experienced a less than 2 minute wait time on all lifts. Yes, it’s pricey to stay in Yosemite Valley. Check out Mariposa, Wawona, Fish Camp, or Oakhurst. A farther drive, but you might discover a cool mountain town to enjoy as well.... Full Review
FRIENDLY and the views are ama...
Not too challenging, but not e...
2 years ago
Barbara Kaye
It's very expensive to stay in Yosemite because the only accommodations in the valley are the Lodge and the Majestic. So even though the ski area is inexpensive, the total price is pretty high. When we were there recently one of the main lifts was broken and one day they ran out of boots in my son's size so we had to go cross country instead of downhill. When we are paying so much to stay in the park there is no excuse for not having plenty of equipment available and for the lifts being out of service. We have been to Yosemite before and have not encountered these problems. The new concessionaire, Aramark, needs to up their game or we won't be back. It's easier to go to Tahoe. ... Full Review
it's in Yosemite
Not well run
3 years ago
Dana Mathews
Yosemite ski and snowboard area, AKA badger Pass, is a family- friendly, reasonably priced place to take your kids to learn to ski or board, as an extension of the Yosemite visit experience. This is NOT a destination ski resort. The runs are short, well groomed, with beginner to intermediate terrain. The lodge is basic. The people are friendly, the tickets reasonable, and the overall experience has not changed since I was a kid. Snowshoing and cross country skiing rental is available, with access to amazing back- country trails and vistas. ... Full Review
Family friendly small hill.
If you want a Mammoth-type exp...
5 years ago
John Brown
I brought my 2 month old son, and my wife here in February 2017, and we had an awesome day here! Absolutley gorgeous....i mean, you're in Yosemite skiing!! That in itself is worth it. The staff are all friendly, and go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. The cost here is WAY less than any slopes on Tahoe, and yeah, its not as big, and doesn't have advanced slopes or snowboard park, but thats not what makes this place shine. This is THE place to come with a young family, and if you just want a fun, chill day in the snow! We will definitely be back! Bravo staff!... Full Review
Family friendly, awesome frien...
No snowboard park, small
5 years ago
If you go to Yosemite in the Winter and want to ski, Badger... Umm Yosemite Ski and Snow *cough* Pass... Uhem, is your best destination. Look, there are like 5 lifts. Most lifts are pretty modern and slow, and then there is RED FOX, holy cow that things is like a sling shot the moon. Anyway... My Jan 2016 cost was about 150 for a family of 3, one adult and two kids, kids with rentals and lifts, and one adult with just lift tics. That is about 3/4 of the cost of one lift ticket at Northstar, but well, its not quite Northstar. Ok, the slopes are not long, the food is ok, but guess what! No waits at the lines! Decent food prices and guess where you will probably sleep in...? Yosemite! Camp or hotel. Wake from your campsite or hotel, get up, get out and Boom, 30 minutes later you are sking! Yeah, its not the best, but guess what? It's better than the best! You are skiing in Yosemite, how cool is that! ... Full Review
not a lot of slopes
5 years ago
For a family outing where you & the kids are beginners or intermediates, you can't ask for better. Every staff member I came in contact with was very friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond to ensure the experience was the best. Get there early if you need to rent equipment. Lines can get long fast and on their busiest days they can run short of equipment. If you are a veteran there is no better deal. For me and my son it was under $100 for 3 days for lift passes and equipment. This has become an instant family favorite. As a bonus it is all natural snow. Can't beat that!... Full Review
Great Staff, all natural snow,...
Slopes are not very challengin...
6 years ago
Badger is the best!... Full Review
7 years ago
James Duff
I'd much rather go here with the kids than any place near Tahoe. No lines. No hassle. Excellent for learning. When you're done there you can spend a 2nd day hanging out in Yosemite Valley playing in the snow or sledding down hills. Unlike overcrowded Tahoe, there aren't restrictions on where one can have fun along side the road or in snow covered meadows. Don't expect any advanced slopes. ... Full Review
Excellent for Kids. No crowds...
Not for advanced skiiers
8 years ago
We've been to Badger many times, and it is really a great little place for beginners and intermediate skiers, with a number of long runs, groomed and ungroomed, plus some trails and an area with jumps (why a 5-yr old would be bored there is beyond me, unless she is a child prodigy). I'm a decent black diamond skier, but I had a 15 year hiatus with college and the Army, and when I started back it was at Badger, and it was perfect. My kids and grand kids started at Badger, and so there are good memories with it. You can stay in the Valley ($$-$$$$$), Oakhurst, or at the Tenaya ($$$$), or rent a house at Yosemite West, which is by far the closest. When I lived in Sacramento I skied at Tahoe for years, and there's really no comparison: Badger has no advanced runs, no night life, no nearby town for meals or shopping; but for what it is, it is great! Veterans get free rentals and lift tickets, immediate family 50% discount.... Full Review
Small, not crowded, good ski s...
No advanced runs, no town
9 years ago
Not impressed, it was great for my 5 yo who is still learning, but after a few runs (very short runs) my daughter wanted to leave because she was bored. She is a advanced intermediate, and I'm advanced, so we shouldn't have been there. If you are learning, head here. Otherwise just head north....... Full Review
quiet, no lines
VERY small, very few runs, no ...
12 years ago
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