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Reviews for Snowshoe Mountain

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Thomas Lee
Skied Sunday day, Sunday night and Monday day. Snow was great. Lift lines were short. Hope that snow keep on fallin!
Great snow, good vibes
No notes
Celenia Herrera
My husband and I didn’t not have the experience we were hoping for. We arrived Christmas day, extremely excited to ski, booked a last minute room and stayed for the night. We were passing by and decided to give it a try. We did not make it for day skiing, that day so bought tickets for night skiing and next day skiing as well. Literally as soon as we paid over $800 for night and day trip plus ski rentals it began to rain within 15 min. Non stop raining all night!! We aren’t experts at skiing so we decided it was too dangerous because of all the rain, very dense fog, and lots of wind. We turned around to explain that we did not feel comfortable and wanted a refund, but we were denied. It hadn’t even been 15 min since I put in my card to pay!! We were refused a refund, the staff was adamant that there was no problem with skiing even though we felt uncomfortable. While we were trying to figure things out other customers came in and were worried about the skiing conditions as well. Staff was extremely rude and unaccommodating towards the situation. We explained over and over again we were just passing by and would not be able to use any sort of credit or other day ski passes, but unfortunately the only answer we got was we can give next day ski passes with a long pause and stare. It would have been a total different outcome if staff would have empathized with us, given is a refund and told us they hoped to see us back at the mountain soon, we would have been excited to go back. With the way this was handled I know we will never go back! This was such a discouraging situation for me and my husband. I do not recommended this place if you are just passing by, especially if weather changes you will be out over $800 and without a solution.
The mountain was on our way during our road trip
Weather, tickets, staff
Steve Verosto
Need better lifts, less crowding, more food choices.
Trails are nice. Black diamonds are fun.
Crowds, lifts are way outdated, lift lines, not enough food choices only three, crowds make wait times for dinner food near 2 hours, Snowshoe keeps adding housing but no infrastructure or improvements to reduce crowding.
What a terrible weekend at Snowshoe and it has been like this for years and only getting worse. The lift lines here are crazy long and takes any fun of skiing right out of you when you hit these lines. CRAZY long and are so outdated in their chairs they don't seem to care. I will have to head up North to hit some places that just don't have these lines. I have never seen anything so bad for so long. Hey Snowshoe they make 6 or 8 man high speed lifts just and FYI
East Coast -South
Lift Lines
Richard Joh
Skied 3 years in a row on MLK weekends Some of the black runs are very long for East Coast and fun. The snow condition can be variable but the condition can be surprisingly good due to grooming and snowmaking. On-site dining is very limited (more options without seating), and the crowd can be a big issue on any lifts that serve green.
Long runs, grooming
Snow condition, on-slope dining, crowd
Lesa Hedinger
Overall we had a great time. I think it might be rough for a beginner. It would be awesome if they offered an adult refresher class for those who haven't skied in a few years. We would definitely love to go back.
Nice long runs - plenty of greens. Nice bus shuttle service between mountains, love that Silver Creek has skiing until 9 pm & nice wide runs. We got there after a snow so conditions were amazing. We bought a 3 day pass and for skiing and equipment. It cos
Having to carry skiis on bus, no where to put them. Having to stand on bus with skiis and poles on curvy roads was not easy. Everything was very expensive. $800 for 3 day lift & equipment for 1 person. If it was bad conditions, there are no refunds. Some
Jessie G
Crazy winding drive to get here and no real stores/services nearby. We stayed a week in a Summit condo, which was well appointed and had great views.. The village is small but really nice and the shuttle service was excellent. The first couple of days of skiing were very good, but the weather quickly warmed and then it rained creating poor conditions. Snowshoe refused to provide refunds or credits for unused lift tickets and pre-paid reservations. So we are out about $1200. For that reason, we will not be back.
Family friendly. Nice town and shuttle service.
Way overpriced for the size of the mountain. If tickets and activities are purchased in advance but conditions are poor they will not refund your money or even provide credit..
Stephen Schuler
I've been going to this resort for 25+ years and I have watched it become outdated very poorly run over the past 10. They upgraded the snow blowers a couple years ago and that was good but besides that, the only upgrades they have made to the mountain have been to the village and the surrounding housing complexes; however they have made no effort to improve the crowded runs and obsolete lifts. What happens when you increase housing and dont increase runs or quality of lifts? Crowds all day every day. Last weekend I spent on average 45-55 minutes in the ballhooter lift line, the lift that is funneled by most of the runs on the mountain. If you can ski Cup and Shays then you might be ok by staying on that side of the mountain for the whole day, if you want to give your legs a break just go to any lift for a nice half hour to hour rest in line. It's so embarrassing to see that the best lifts they have are 4 seater high speed lifts, and even those lifts don't stay open very often because if they experience any high wind or heavy snow then they just shut them down. Even Winergreen, which is one of the worst ski resorts on the east coast, even they have a 6 seater chair. Long story short, if you're going to ski at snowshoe and want to enjoy your time then you should probably buy the primo pass. It allows you to skip the lines so you wont be waiting for hours in lines. Honestly the fact that snowshoe has a glorified "fast pass" just shows how terrible the lines are and also shows that management knows it and just doesn't care. If anything they probably have no incentive to fix the issue because they know they can just make a premium on the primo pass and people will still come to the mountain bc there aren't many other options on the east coast besides VT. I think a lot of people believed that when Vale Resorts bought the mountain, they would take the time to make the much needed improvements to the mountain but time has shown quite the opposite. All they care about is getting people to the mountain, they have no regard for your actual experience on the mountain.
Easy Drive
I’m currently residing in North Carolina and excited to celebrate my Birthday there but unfortunately we experienced winter storm and unable to drive due to safety reasons. But i tried to call and cancel my reservations but they told me they can’t because it a company policy, i suggested if we can just rebook it but they said no. i find it inconsiderate because knowing that we will experience a snow storm around the area they should allow us to rebook or give credit to be use for our next trip.. I understand business is business but giving away money without getting the service you wanted is disappointing especially during pandemic.
James Kelley
So, snowshoe is a great resort. Silver creek has some great runs, and cupp run is MAGNEFICENT! Some parts were icy but i dont really have much to say. The big 3 (Skipjack, Spruce, Gnady dancer) are the best runs.
Cupp run, Lift speed, Blues, blacks, greens
Crowds, Icy, closed, Lift effecency
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