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Reviews for Seven Springs

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Overpriced Food and Merchandise
Eric Freeman
Worst experience I've had in 35 years of skiing. It's crowded on the weekends with snowboarders bombing down narrow greens reeking of weed. Most of the restaurants are closed during the week. The ski school is a disaster that put my wife and kids in classes at the wrong skill level, and when they screw something up they blame you the customer for the fact that their reservation and instruction teams are siloed. There's a few gems here, but most of the staff is rude and unhelpful. It was like going to the DMV. I will never come here or to another Vail resort again.
Express Lift
Rude staff, confusing layout, few food options, ski school is terrible
S Hoyt
Ski slopes are overcrowded and it takes forever to get on a lift. Service in the resorts is absolutely horrific. The food is subpar but stupid expensive and the servers are either rude or nowhere to be found. There are much better small resorts around for less money and better skiing. I recommend avoiding Seven Springs all together. Room was drafty and there was no key to the patio door so you could easily lock yourself out.
Scott Shutterly
Just an example the foggy goggle restaurant.i ordered a turkey sandwich and got three slices of lunch meat on a not exaggerating and it was $ yourself a favor and avoid this place.
All staff is friendly and helpful
Everything is Overpriced
Ric Briggs
We have been going for years, but given the changes in policies and prices we may not return. The lines for the lifts range from 20 min to an hour on a good day and the lifts are working. The prices have increased to the prices you usually find in CO and UT but its 1/16 of the size of a good resort. Most of the trails are ice covered due to poor snow making. The food is the quality of a gas station level but 10 times the price. Overall the quality has declined insignificantly in the past 20 years but that has not stopped them from increasing the prices every year.
Family Freindly
Long long waits for lifts, poor value for the money
More expert level downhill skiing would make seven springs 5 stars but there just isn’t enough the place is always packed with hammered college students that scream off the lifts vape smoke everywhere and skied off slopes by 1:00 because there isn’t enough terrain for that many people. They don’t have footrests on lifts the snow makers suck the food is terrible and overpriced and the staff looks disgusting 100% of the time
More expert level downhill skiing would make seven springs 5 stars but there just isn’t enough the place is always packed with hammered college students that scream off the lifts vape smoke everywhere and skied off hills by 1:00 because there isn’t enough
Evan Campbell
The only thing this place has going for it is that it's close to home. Everything is ridiculously over priced, and conditions are usually trash. This place preys on the fact that it's close, cuz where else you gonna go? So we hike up the prices cuz we know your gonna pay it. They used to get me with that thought process but I'm not buying it any more. The constant disappointment just isn't worth the cost of a mountain with double the vertical and takes care of it's slopes and facilitates.
It's close
Price, crowd, price, slope condition, price
Crystal Caccamo
My 10&7 yr old sons learned how to ski at park city Utah For first time. Got home To pa And wanted to do beginner runs here. BIG MISTAKE. did night session 4-9p. One magic carpet broken (they never told us) . Second one worked but three skiers smoking at entrance to magic carpet and no one cared. Had to walk all the way down hill to get to avalanche lift (separated from other lifts and long walk back up to reach other intermediate lifts.) waited in short line with my very excited 7 yr old. Lift was FAST and NO BAR. he was scared. Got to platform and saw no one manning the lift at top. As I got off lift I realized my 7 yr old couldn’t touch platform and too scared to hop off (Of COURSE!!) so I had to yank him off before he went back down the lift alone with no bar.
Short drive from pgh
No one manning beginner ski lift, beginner lift was FAST, Had to jump off lift
Aaron Snowguy
Hey, want to pay big-mountain prices for an icy molehill that closes early and runs about half of their chairlifts? Well, this is your spot. If it's below freezing, you'd better bet that snowmaking is turned on all over the place, covering you in a nice, heavy layer of ice. Quite a few chairlifts were shut down the day I went, which wasn't a huge deal, just the usual annoying cost-cutting slap in the face from Seven Springs. But the biggest issue, by far, was the ridiculously priced ($75) lift tickets for a weekday. They stopped issuing twilight or night tickets this season, and now only operate until 7:00 PM. So I got up there at 1:00 on a weekday last week, thinking I could get a twilight ticket. I couldn't, but wasn't about to turn around and drive an hour home, so I bit the bullet and paid $75 for a very short, yet typical disappointing Seven Springs experience. Well, at least the parking lot was empty and the lift lines were short! I've never seen the place this empty unless it was raining, so locals seem to be taking note and hopefully taking their money elsewhere nowadays. Whoever is running this mess of a mountain should probably be working at Burger King.
It's an hour away.
Everything else.
Elisabeth Boeynaems
Horrible. Paid for ‘mountain camp’ at the advice of a person on the phone earlier in the week because I typically pay for 2 h private lesson for each of my children who are at different abilities. Boy did I regret making this decision or going to this resort. We typically go to somewhere else that was full. No private instruction was available for oldest child so I went with ‘mountain adventure camp’ for my 10 yo at recommendation of a person there earlier in the week. She was placed with 1 other child of similar age and height and weight. I had seen an older sister not of some age and heigh t or weight circulating their group but didn’t pay attention to it. Until I got a call 90 min into the lesson my child was injured. Turned out the sister barged into the young non assertive instructor’s group at top of hill and persuaded everyone to go into orange zone next to a black zone instead of green zone. My daughter felt pressured to say she was comfortable with it (she just turned 10). My daughter fell and instructor was not right with behind her - not being aware of space it seems- and another skier skied over her arm and didn’t stop. Apparently that’s allowed there too without repercussions. They had no idea who did this. Apparently the person was in a group. Ski patrol was called and I was asked to sign a (non valid) waiver. Horrendous experience- please beware. Luckily my daughter only a bruised arm but this could have been so horrendously worse. I really don’t recommend this resort, a lot of skiers don’t know what they are doing and nothing is policed there. You also don’t need to go there for the food btw.
Ski shop is decent
My 10 yo could have gotten killed today
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