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Reviews for Blue Mountain

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Dave Amadei
It seems that management has left the organization to the onsite staff. It is obvious that they are not up to the task. Sadly the hill is becoming increasingly unfriendly and the staff has given up trying to help. They are not engaged in their work and probably don’t have a clear vision of their tasks. I’ve been a pass holder since 1990 and conditions were so good back then. Too bad Blue, it was fun while it lasted. I feel bad for young families.
5 high speed chairs, but badly managed.
Worse grooming for the last 5 years.
I must say, I am experienced to expert skier who has been skiing since I was 2 years old and have skied on many world known ski resorts in Europe like Kitzbuhl, Ischgl, Obersdorf..... I live in the GTA and my closest ski resort is BlueMountain. To be fair, I do not need always to have 11 km long piste to have fun. Blue Mountain is sometimes boring because of the short piste but now that I am 45 Blue Mountain is good enough. What I can't wrap my mind around is the daily lift ticket price! It is astronomical compared to European gazzilion times better ski resorts, even Mont Tremblant which is by miles better ski resort is cheaper than Blue Mountain. The end result, I am not going skiing! sad, sad, sad. I just can not justify $159 + HST for one day of skiing at mediocre ski resort, I don't care how nice the village is, I come for skiing and skiing alone. Blue Mountain management has wrong strategy here, they think to invite people with higher incomes to the resort by elevating lift ticket prices! What a none sense! People with tons of money will go to Europe or Whistler, and people with plenty of money will go to Mont Tremblant instead of Blue Mountain. The end result: Blue Mountain has become sad place to ski. Resorts are selling apartments, less people going skiing.... I can only imagine why. Blue Mountain Management, you failed!
Nice Ski Village
Too expansive for tiny ski hill
Ivan Kamenov
Awful terrain maintenance!
Popular.not much alternatives in on
Terrain maintenance is awful . Very stingy on grooming. Overcrowded.
Hills are decent but the price gouging is beyond ridiculous. One lift running & 7 trails - $94! overcrowded, parking is full with cars double parking- can’t imagine what this place looks like when all trails are open. One run on the coaster for 2 adults and 4 kids was $176 and the person in front of us rode the brakes the whole run and we got no refund or another ride. People here are clueless.
Best you’ll get in Ontario I imagine
Absolute rip off prices everywhere
Chelsey undefined
Stayed for the weekend spent about $700. Non of the activities were included had to pay extra to actually do activities which we found absolutely ridiculous. Also, we paid that much money to be able to have a parking spot; left for a few hours to go skating and came back to absolute chaos. Not impressed with the parking or the fact that you have spend hundreds even after you’ve spent so much just to be there for 2 days. Ridiculous.
Nice place, very clean, good selection of restaurants
Way to expensive for what you get
Nicholas undefined
tThey call it an Alpine resort, is a big stretch of imagination, when you get to the top you find farmers fields! I don't know how they can call it blue mountain, there is no mountain.
close to Toronto
There is no mountain
Melissa Bouwmeister
my son broke is collarbone on a small rail, because it wasn't waxed properly. (Slid, then stuck, throwing him) While at the hospital his ski equipment was left at the hill. After getting home we noticed and filed a report (on line) as it was the only way to do so. We kept getting updates saying items not found, but they are still looking. Friends went up 2 weeks later and found the items. Funny how they took the same description and found it but emploies can't. Next day got another update saying they are still searching and items not found!! I found out, after 15-30 days the lost items are then disposed of, either donated (or taken??) Seems like a pretty good system for them, seeing that our items lost were over $600. Also. We have someone else's equipment that was accidentally taken, and we are trying to reach out to the hill but nowhere to report a FOUND item. I don't have faith to return this item to lost and found but will reach out on multi media instead!
Nice setting,
Terrain park is not taken care of. Lost and found DOES NOT WORK!
Expert skiers will quickly get bored with very limited expert terrain. Long lineups on the weekends for a run that takes a couple of minutes, lack of parking along with over priced lift tickets make it hard to justify a trip up there. But if you want to ski in Ontario it's probably the best option.
Best in Ontario
Too expensive, Lack of expert terrain, Mediocre Snow
undefined undefined
Some Ski and snowboard instructors very rude and unhelpful especially with very new beginners. Honestly looked like they couldn’t be bothered and were not fully training people before sending them off. If you don’t want to train, find a job elsewhere
Hotel staff great, really friendly, room clean and tidy
Some instructors need an attitude adjustment
Fernan undefined
Great hill, Amazing views, If you want to skiing in ONTARIO this is the best resort
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