2024/25 Powder Alliance Pass Buyer’s Guide

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get is that of which ski pass to buy. While most skiers and snowboarders are likely familiar with the Ikon Pass and Epic Pass, which we compare here, there are a number of great lesser-known ski passes. The Mountain Collective is perfect for the traveler who wants to visit some of the most famous ski resorts in the world, while the Indy Pass is ideal for the skier who wants to stick to independent ski resorts. For those who primarily ski in the Southwest, there’s the new Power Pass. Now, let’s introduce you to the Powder Alliance Pass.

What is the Powder Alliance Pass?

With many of the major ski passes, you buy your pass, and then it gives you access to skiing and riding at the resorts affiliated with that ski pass. The highest tier of those passes often comes with unlimited skiing and riding, while other tiers may have restrictions, blackout dates, and/or offer a certain number of days of skiing at participating resorts. The Powder Alliance Pass is a little different, since you don’t purchase a pass like you would with most of the other ski passes. Instead, you first purchase a season pass to any participating Powder Alliance ski resort (there are more than 20 resorts in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand). Then, you receive 3 free days at all of the other ski resorts. While restrictions apply, there are no additional fees, and you’ll enjoy more than 60 days of skiing and riding at participating resorts, in addition to your primary ski pass benefits.

Who is the Powder Alliance Pass for?

The Powder Alliance Pass is a great ski pass for those who have one mountain they primarily ski at, but who like to visit a few other destinations during the ski season. Do you like to chase snow year-round? Powder Alliance includes two New Zealand ski areas, Tūroa and Whakapapa, where skiing and riding happens during North America’s summer season.

Snowboarding standing on slopes with view of Mount Taranaki from Turoa
View of Mount Taranaki from Tūroa

The Powder Alliance Pass is especially beneficial for those who live or primarily ski out West. California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rockies are all dotted with Powder Alliance resorts, while there are also two resorts, Marmot Basin and Castle Mountain, in Canada. Currently, there are no Powder Alliance resorts in the Midwest or East.

What are the Powder Alliance Resorts?

What restrictions are there with the Powder Alliance Pass?

Note that restrictions do apply for the 60+ free days. This varies by resort, so we advise checking restrictions before planning your trip. Restrictions particularly apply on holidays. As such, the Powder Alliance Pass doesn’t have the benefits and unlimited skiing as some of the major ski passes. However, you’ll also be paying far less than the major ski passes. Season passes at many of the Powder Alliance resorts start in the $500-$600 range, especially if you purchase them in the spring. That’s a season pass and 60+ free days of skiing and riding for half the price of an Ikon Pass or Epic Pass. Find out more info on the Powder Alliance’s website.

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