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Bluebird day at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta
2023-24 Long-Range Winter Weather Forecast for North America

Shorter days, cooler nights, and changing colors means fall is here. And with the fall season, ski season isn&..

Snow before you go 4-21-23 hero.
Snow Before You Go: Where to Find the Best Snow this Week

Can’t wait to hit the slopes? Wait. Check Meteorologist Chris Tomer’s snow forecast before you pack th..

Bluebird day at Alyeska Resort with skiers on lift
These North America Ski Resorts Receive the Most Snow

It’s no secret that powder days are something of the “holy grail” of skiing. Once the first ..

Snow science: How mountains make snow
Snow science: How mountains make snow

It’s bound to happen at some point this season. After a long day of skiing a few inches of powder at you..

Does elevation affect temperature? It sure does

Does elevation affect temperature? The answer is yes. But meteorology, like other sciences, isn’t quite ..

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