Jeff Blumenfeld has spent the last 35 years as a public relations specialist with about as unusual a niche as you can find. He has helped countless people just like you fulfill their wildest dreams by getting their expedition adventure ideas funded.

You Want To Go Where? How to Get Someone to Pay for the Trip of your Dreams" is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of how incredible ideas - many of them on snow and ice -- get funded. Perhaps the next one is yours.

Blumenfeld tells how one man got funding to climb a mountain he wanted to name after himself; how a schoolteacher from Denver climbs the tallest peak in each state in record time. How about the golfer who got a sponsorship for hitting a golf ball 1,319 miles across Mongolia?

Blumenfeld has worked with companies like DuPont, the Coleman Company, 3M Thinsulate, Lands' End, and many others to get expeditions funded. Trips involve skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, dog sled drivers, and others.

It's not always easy, but Blumenfeld delves into how to put proposals together, what's likely to be funded and what isn't (not another trek up Mt. Everest?), and what happens when the best laid plans of man or woman go astray.

He says the key to funding success is to fully understand the "So what?" rule. "...corporate funding is getting harder and harder to secure with the dearths of true firsts in exploration, tighter economic times, and fewer and fewer blank spaces on the planet... without a significant raison d'etre, sponsors will most likely bury your request in their 'Help Fund My Vacation' file," he writes.

Hence, the "So what?" rule. "Correctly answering that question," says Blumenfield, who is the editor of Expedition News, "may well mean the difference between an expedition that captures the imagination of millions through the media, and one that trudges along in anonymity." Never let them ask, "so what?"

This is a book to race out and buy if you've ever thought of being first to ski off or first to snowboard off the most bizarre mountain location in this or any other world. Give it your best shot and Blumenfeld will steer you along in this new book. It's well-written, exciting, funny, and brings the whole subject of adventure marketing to the fore.

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