Most of Montana's ski and snowboard resorts are wrapping up their season ski pass sales in October. The sales offer purchasers reduced rates on skiing that often can pay off a pass with under 10 days of skiing or riding. Passes are still available after the sales, but prices increase to the full season rate.

Several resorts ended up their sales at the end of September. [R48R, Big Sky Resort], [R46R, Whitefish Mountain Resort], and [R359R, Showdown] sales ended Sept. 30. [R160R, Great Divide] and [R133R, Discovery] only run spring sales, with their passes at full rate in the fall. Season passes are still available, though, at regular rates.

Three other resorts are entering the last frenzy at locals rush to meet the deadlines. Maverick Mountain's season pass sale ends on Oct. 10. [R81R, Bridger Bowl] finishes their pass sale on Oct. 14, which also includes the sale on their pass and pieps-a combinatioin season pass and Pieps Freeride® avalanche transceiver. [R217R, Lost Trail] follows with their sale ending on Oct. 16.

Several resorts are running their season pass sales throughout October. [R56R, Blacktail Mountain], [R215R, Lookout Pass], and [R335R, Red Lodge] button up their sales on Oct. 31. [R1512R, Moonlight Basin] runs their season pass sale until Nov. 1.

Only [R247R, Montana Snowbowl] holds out into November with their season pass sale. The final date for reduced season passes is Nov. 8.

Season passes are available at all 12 of Montana's ski resorts throughout the winter. Contact the ticket offices for current prices and information.

More information: Blacktail Mountain, 406-844-0999; Bridger Bowl, 406-587-2111; Lookout Pass, 208-744-1301; Lost Trail, 406-821-3742; Maverick Mountain, 406-834-3454; Moonlight Basin, 406-993-6000; Montana Snowbowl, 406-549-9777; Red Lodge, 406-446-2610.