Here’s one thing we know for sure during what will likely go down in snowsports history as the COVID season: skiing and riding are outdoor sports accessible over thousands of acres where social distancing at far greater distances than six feet is the norm. It’s generally fairly cold out there so face coverings are nothing out of the ordinary for us. 

But most everything normal stops there. We can still enjoy those day, weekend and vacation trips as we always have. Except for this winter, we’ll need to abide by some new rules – often confusing and changing often, sometimes from county-to-county, state-to-state, airline-to-airline. Some of the new protocols won’t affect much about our routine, but others will. So the word for the season is “go with the flow.” has created a series of pages covering many of metropolitan areas across the country full of skiers and riders. Each page contains resources you will find very helpful as you determine how far you want to travel, how long to stay, and how you are going to get there. We’ve broken it down to drive-to ski areas for day and weekend trips and fly-to destinations. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the most current COVID regulations so you can determine how that will affect you and your family.  

We’ll link you to the most popular destinations for winter vacationers and day trippers in your metro market and you can delve even deeper into their resort-specific rules and regulations.  

In short, we’ve done the research for you, so, don’t leave home without us.