Two large storm systems move into the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West over the next five days. The pattern mirrors what I expect for most of this winter, which will be driven by La Nina Lite. In the Northeast, any precipitation will mostly fall as rain.

Colorado, Utah: Light snow hits the Wasatch on Friday morning, but the best snow waits until the main storm system arrives over the weekend. Moderate to heavy snow accumulation hits both states on Saturday and Sunday. The second storm delivers moderate to heavy snow accumulation on Monday and Tuesday. The best skiing occurs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho: A very good five-day stretch. Both storms deliver heavy snow accumulation to all three states between Thursday and Sunday with the first storm system. The second storm system delivers light to moderate snow accumulation Sunday to Monday, possibly trickling into Tuesday morning in Wyoming. This is great snow to build the bases. I'm forecasting 1-2 foot totals in the Tetons, including Jackson Hole.          

California: Two storm systems deliver snow to Tahoe and south to Mammoth over the next five days. The first storm hits Friday to Saturday with heavy snow accumulations. The second storm, Sunday night through Monday, delivers moderate accumulations. I'm forecasting 1-2 feet of heavy, wet snow on the highest peaks surrounding Tahoe between Friday and Saturday.

Pacific Northwest: Two storm systems are lined up between Thursday and Monday. Heavy snow appears likely on the high Cascades and volcanoes. I'm forecasting at least a couple of feet on Mount Rainier.  

Whistler Blackcomb: Moderate to heavy snow accumulations higher on the mountain Thursday to Friday morning. Then, the second storm system just brushes the area as it passes south over the weekend. A third storm may have more of a significant impact on Tuesday.

Northeast: It looks too warm for heavy snow over the next five days.   

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Tomer's Take: Ski Wyoming on Friday, Montana on Saturday and either A-Basin or Loveland on Sunday.  

Copyright: Meteorologist Chris Tomer