The women's Freeride category's defining characteristic is the hike mode feature. All the ski boots in the women's Freeride Category offer releasable cuffs that allow the boots to hinge more freely forward and backward for the sake of a more natural stride while walking, hiking or skinning with the flip of a switch.

Many ski boots in the women's Freeride category also offer compatibility with lighter weight "tech" bindings. Any time a cuff-release feature and lighter weight plastics enter the picture, there comes a question as to what compromise is made to pure downhill performance; with the best women's Freeride boots, there isn't one. 

Scroll through the list below to see tester sentiments for the season's most impressive women's Freeride ski boots, dubbed Editors' Choice winners by our equipment experts at, powered by Masterfit. Click through on the boot name to read more about each of our favorite ski boots. 

1. Tecnica Cochise 105 W

"Awesome performance fit! Race boot come AT boot—supportive fit means viper fast."

Tecnica Cochise 105 W ski boot

2. Rossignol Alltrack Pro 110 W

"Great, fun all-mountain boot for all conditions. Performs well and is comfy too."

Rossignol Alltrack Pro 110 W ski boot

3. K2 B.F.C. W 90

"Exceeds all expectations! Ooh la la, heated bedroom slippers that kick ass."

K2 B.F.C. W 90 ski boot