The avatar of a new kind of women’s ski, Nordica's Santa Ana 93 takes “lighter is better” a step further. You could call the new trend “better is better,” characterized by using lightweight materials and technologies to build the best possible ski rather than the lightest one. The Santa Ana 93 earns its weight savings by using carbon prepreg laminates instead of glass and investing them in two sheets of Titanal. Why is this so significant? Because the Nordica Santa Ana 93 prioritizes performance over pandering and, by doing so, should enjoy breakout appeal.

Certainly among the strongest women-specific skis ever, one of the Willi's Ski and Snowboard Shop Winter Divas dubbed the Nordica Santa Ana 93 “... a very stable ski. Very forgiving on uneven terrain and ice. Skis fast, turns well, has some weight to it underfoot. I would purchase this ski.” 

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