Many of our OnTheSnow ski testers likened the experience of testing skis to dating. If that's the case, then the Editors' Choice skis are their favorite dance partners, which would make the skis on this list the cheap dates. Metaphors aside, there's nothing cheap about this fleet of high-scoring, lower cost skis, a good handful of which, in fact, are on the Editors' Choice list themselves. 

Results are tabulated based on a combined price/rating value score for skis that fell below the average price point for their category. Editors' Note: These calculations are based on manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) and may not reflect actual store pricing, which is often discounted. 

A hot date who's not high maintenance? Forget going out again, marry that ski immediately!

Frontside Carvers

Best Men's Value Ski: With tied value scores, both the Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti and the Elan 84 Ti offer a lot of ski for the cheese. Compared to a Porsche 911 Turbo, the Dynastar Speed Zone landed an Editors' Choice spot and includes a system binding. Elan's 84 Ti has the most competitive price point in the category and impressed testers with its “Great combination of edge hold and clean turn initiation.” 

Men's Frontside Average MSRP: $1059

Best Women's Value Ski: At $650, the Rossignol Temptation 84 is the second most inexpensive ski in the category (by $1) and close to the top in terms of overall score. The ski holds its own with the best carvers in a category build for that purpose, being called “A super carver at all speeds.” 

Women's Frontside Average MSRP: $875

All-Mountain Front  

Best Men's Value Ski: It's rare to see the highest-scoring ski in the category also come in with the lowest price tag, in other words, Salomon hit the jackpot with its QST 92. If that weren't enough, consider this: “So easy to ski, it’s almost not fair.”

Men's AMF Average MSRP: $794

Best Women's Value Ski: Salomon sweeps the value AMF category with the Salomon Lux representing on the women's side as a Jill of all trades. Lowest on the spend scale, testers feasted on this ski that's “Like a Vegas buffet—something for everyone.” Honorable mention here goes to Armada Victa 87 and the always-popular Blizzard Black Pearl

Women's AMF Average MSRP: $734

All-Mountain Back 

Best Men's Value Ski: The best value skis in the men's AMB category look a lot like our Frontside selects, with the Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 claiming the title for being in the top two for score, the bottom two on cost and the fact that it “Plows through packed powder and rails on the ‘roy.” Priced the exact same, Elan's new Ripstick 96 trails only slightly behind in overall rating and thus value score. 

Men's AMB Average MSRP: $811
Best Women's Value Ski: Atomic takes the value win with its Vantage 95 C W for being "a dependable ski you can drive on any terrain—and it won’t drive you,” plus a sticker price that belies its high scores across the board. Equally inexpensive, the new Armada Victa 93 was a close runner up. 

Women's AMB Average MSRP: $769


Best Men's Value Ski: The second highest-scoring men's Powder ski, and highest in the category for playfulness, the Fischer Ranger 108 Ti landed mid-pack on price and dazzled testers with its “Smooth as butter" ways. “It floats, it’s fun, and it’s a favorite for all over the mountain.” 

Men's Powder Average MSRP: $883
Best Women's Value Ski: In an unprecedented four-way tie between female floatation devices, skis from Blizzard, Atomic, Head and Völkl are similarly priced and scored, with one exception: the Völkl 100Eight W stands out as the top scoring ski of the entire test overall, as well as in the versatility domain. Atomic's Backland FR 109 W impressed testers on the float and stability fronts; the Blizzard Sheeva shined for the highest carving score in the category, and the Head Big JOY for its best-in-category stability performance. 

You can't go wrong with this superlative group. 

Women's Powder Average MSRP: $804