Ski resorts across the West are entering one of the biggest holiday weeks of the year with a deep snowpack. In fact, more than 30 ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada have topped 100 inches of snow on their upper mountains. For some resorts, this winter has thrown a 180 from last winter’s meager snowpack while others have recorded the most snowfall in several years.

For Presidents weekend skiers and riders, the snowpack across the West bodes well for a holiday ski trip. With the deepest snowpack in the West, Mt. Hood Meadows has tallied more than 180 inches at mid-mountain. “We’ve had to extend our mid-mountain stake twice to measure the 180 inches of snow there!” says spokesperson Dave Tragethon. “We anticipate a great turnout this weekend and are presenting a variety of fun and engaging event activities for our guests to enjoy.”

The deepest snowpack in the West blankets the coastal mountains in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. While most ski resorts that reach the 100-inch mark achieve that snow depth in their upper elevations, several resorts have surpassed that mark in their lower elevations, too. Six ski resorts on the West Coast exceed more than 100 inches of snow depth resort-wide.

Skiers and riders looking for snow coverage for the upcoming holiday weekend can choose from multiple resorts. Even some of the smaller mom-and-pop hills have accumulated snow more than 8 feet deep.

Who has topped 100 inches of snowpack? Here they are:

While 100 inches seems to be one of those magic round number marks, several resorts have come close to that snow depth. Many ski resorts have more than 90 inches of snowpack.