Getting fit for custom insoles used to require an evening at the shop and several issues of your favorite ski-mag. With the help of heat-moldable materials and one very efficient machine, Superfeet is now cranking out their new custom insole, the Custom CARBON Winter, in just 15 minutes. 

Armed with my camera and a stopwatch at Larry's, my local shop, I underwent the fitting process, which begins by laser aligning your foot into the correct position. Next, the heat moldable insole is shaped around the foot using a BioVac molding process. After a minute in the toe-sauna, the bag is removed and the insoles are cut to fit your toe-box. Voilà.

Unlike other insoles, the Custom CARBON Winters are fit to your feet while you maintain a seated position, providing the most natural fit. These insoles are constructed using a carbon fiber stabilizer cap, dual layer/density foam cushions and an organic, odor-control coating.

Click through the gallery below for a step-by-step photo guide to the fitting process.