The Place: 

Keystone, Colorado

The Time: 

November 2014

The Temp: 

20 Fahrenheit; windy and cloudy

What we Thought: 

> Style: This jacket is likely most appealing to skiers who make a concerted effort to avoid the terrain parks. Also, wealthy mountain homeowners checking on their heated driveways would likely reach for this before venturing into the elements.

> Comfort: Generally, the fit and comfort are both great, though taller skiers might find some sizes a bit too short. Bibs would likely shut out the breeziness I experienced this (windy) day.

> Performance: Limited pocket options mean you won’t be able to stash much in this jacket, one thing I realized the hard way when trying to tuck snacks and a beanie inside. The only way around that limitation is skiing with a pack or bringing only essentials on the mountain.