While you were perusing, shopping, flexing and lifting, demoing, buying and otherwise getting to know the current season's crop of new skis, we spent the first week in December with most of the major ski manufacturers, checking out, talking about, coveting, skiing and taking notes on their new-for-next season skis. Not just because we’re lucky enough to have a job that’s actually as good as it sounds, but more so that we could keep our favorite gear heads in the know.

Here’s a little taste of what's in store for skis:  

1. Carbonation

Touted for its superior strength and impressive weight savings, you'll find carbon in various forms—possibly even in more skis than not next season. 

2. Shape Shift

Manufacturers are introducing new sidecuts to their 2015/2016 skis, also slimming down edge profiles and adding dimension in unexpected places. 

3. Price Point Parallels

Making skiing more accessible both in terms of sticker shock and maneuverability of the ski itself, brands are milling core materials in exchange for overall weight reduction. Fatter flat skis are still the rage but narrower system skis suit the learning curve's legs and wallet.