With a new location, updated layout and creative elements, the new Hemsedal Park has been well received by users. Feedback indicates that Hemsedal is on its way to regaining its position as one of the best snow parks in Norway.

Last autumn, Hemsedal Skisenter decided to move its large main park back to the original location on piste 22. The move provided the opportunity to start from scratch – unleashing the creative forces of the park team to produce a dream park. The result is a modern, clearly laid out park with flexible solutions praised highly by users. Read what some park users have to say about the park:

Jib star Anders Backe: “The new Hemsedal park was given a complete facelift last year and has really stepped up as one of Norway’s best parks!”
Playboard editor Peter Gløersen: “Hemsedal has moved its park back to the previous location and is now one of the country’s best parks again”.
Mats on Facebook: “The jumps in Hemsedal have never been better and there’s a ridiculous number of great rails.”
Stian on Facebook: “Awesome park you’ve created – it’s just ridiculously good! Great job.”

One of the aims with the new Hemsedal park was to create a relatively ‘large’ park that could be enjoyed by large numbers of people. One of the solutions was to build jumps according to the ‘roll-over principle’. This means using a lot of snow in the jumps and the landings, which makes the air time between kicks and landing more stable. The landings are also longer and steeper, which is a positive move towards user safety and sensation. The jumps have several kickers to choose from and it is easier and safer to learn new tricks. The result is a park that users of most ability levels feel comfortable riding.

The rail line is also worth a mention. The element layout has been given new, creative and solid rails. The elements are positioned so that you can either just ride the rails, just ride from the top down over the jumps or you can opt for one of the natural transitions between the lines to ride a mix of elements that suits you. The long-awaited ‘left corner’ has been built at the bottom of the park, and complements the ‘right corner’ in the Panorama park. The park also offers flat, down and flatdown rails, a shootout rail, a shortbonk-barrel, a close out rail with bank, a spine jump and a staircase with donkeykink.

The park has three red lines with a total of nine jumps, one corner and ten rail elements and has generally become more sociable, more complete and easier to follow. Following the move, the park is now also closer to its ‘little brother’ Jump Street, Olaheisen lift and Tinden kiosk, which means everything is now close at hand for a great day in the park together with friends and family.