Zeal Z3 GPS Live Goggles


Hoverboards may not be available en mass just yet, but we’re just as content ogling over the sci-fi mechanics of the Zeal Z3 GPS Live goggle. Since Zeal’s first GPS-loaded goggle debuted in 2010, the goggle company has worked with Recon Instruments to fine-tune its cyborg traits to develop the smartest goggle in the world. An integrated GPS and in-goggle display track your speed, altitude, jump stats and air temperature for ultimate bragging rights, and the MOD Live settings go above and beyond any Bluetooth-enabled gadget: the smartphone capabilities track your buddies’ whereabouts, display digital trail maps, send and read text messages and, of course, sync with your favorite playlist. And with a polarized lens that changes with light and a fog-free AirFlow system, the Z3 GPS Live goggles make low visibility its highest priority.