It’s always difficult to step out of the shadow of that über successful older sibling, but that’s exactly what anon. optics is doing. Originally founded by Jake Burton Carpenter (Burton Snowboards) in 2001, anon’s primary offering has been in the goggle realm and has had a close association to the sport of snowboarding. Now, with their 2014 product line, anon. is expanding into an extensive line of both helmets and beanies, and additionally attempting to integrate the brand into the ski industry through team riders, films and events.

anon. has made huge technical strides in their product offering in the past couple of years, starting with their quick lens change system in the M1 goggle called Magna-Tech, which uses rare-earth magnets for a strong connection between the lens and goggle frame.

“Magna-Tech has set the industry benchmark for quick and accurate lens change outs,” said Randy Torcom, anon. Global Brand Director. “With technology this progressive, we want everyone to feel like they can be a part of all the amazing things this brand has to offer.”

Anon. recently unveiled the new M2 goggle, which will feature the Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change technology, the anon. Red Solex Spherical Lens technology, wall-to-wall vision, full perimeter channel venting and an included Graybird Lens for the not-so-sunny days. The M2 is so impressive that it took home the coveted Product of the Year award at ISPO in Munich, Germany this year.

“When you consider the grand scope of how diverse the product offering is at ISPO, it's mind blowing to us that the M2 won!” Torcom said. “The ISPO Product of the Year award is more or less the highest acknowledgement a brand in our industry can receive. It goes without saying that we're beyond flattered to win such a coveted award and we look forward to the success we'll be able to build from such honorable mention.”

In addition to the M2 goggle, anon. is introducing the Nelson helmet, with Boa® 360 Fit System, a hybrid 70/30 shell construction and with SkullCandy™ ASFX Audio compatability. The Nelson helmet will be featured in the A2 combination with the M2 goggle. The A2 combination features premium helmets and goggles paired together for a variety of benefits.

“The A2 Collection is the culmination of the industry's most elite goggles and helmets,” Torcom said. “Utilizing only high-end styles, A2 combinations have been paired together for optimal style, fit, and airflow.”

Anon’s focused isn’t only reserved for the development of new products. In 2006, anon. attempted to break into the ski industry, after being almost exclusively involved with snowboarding, thanks to their Burton ownership. Unfortunately anon. was still a young brand then and moved their focus back to snowboarding, but in 2013 anon. has gotten back into the sport of freeskiing, with the help of a few big name sponsorships.

“We’re making a full commitment to integrating the brand within the ski industry,” Randy Torcom said. “Sponsoring team riders, films, events, and advertising with endemic media.”

anon. has brought in two very high profile freeskiing athletes as brand ambassadors, Michelle Parker and Eric Pollard. Parker and Pollard are both extremely dedicated to the progression of the sport of freeskiing, and will take that dedication into developing the best products with the anon. team.

“They're both dedicated to growing the sport and helping their sponsors develop the best products in the business,” Torcom explained. “We'll be collaborating closely with both athletes on the continued evolution of Magna-Tech, helmets, and our women's expansion initiative.”

Parker, a Squaw Valley native, will have an instrumental role in the expansion of the anon. women’s initiative, a push that the brand has been working on for over two years.

“We see a huge opportunity within this segment of the market,” Torcom said. “Over the last two years we've made a major push to introduce new goggle and helmet styles that are specifically designed for women.”

Anon.’s female athletes expressed the want for a better fitting goggle that had superb peripheral vision. The result of that is the new Tempest goggle that features a brand new frame exclusive to the women’s category.

Whether you’ve been a fan of anon. from the beginning, or are just now becoming aware of there presence within the ski and snowboard world, stay tuned, because anon. is sure to continue to make waves.


anon. video featuring Eric Pollard and pro snowboarder Mark Landvik, demonstrating the ease of use with the new M2 goggle: