The biggest uncertainty in the weather over the next week actually comes in the form of a storm at the end of the work week. There is still quite a bit of disagreement between the various weather forecasting models, despite the fact that the event is only a couple days away as of the writing of this article.

The general setup for this situation initially involves two separate storms, one tracking across the southern United States and the other diving southward out of Canada. As these two storms begin to track off the Atlantic coastline, there is the potential that they could merge into one much stronger storm and then track up the coast. The forecasting models disagree both in whether the two initially separate storms actually end up merging, and whether it is able to stay close enough to the coast to have an impact. Right now, the most likely scenario brings a moderate snowfall to a significant portion of New England, with widespread accumulations of more than six inches. However, if the best case scenario plays out, portions of eastern New England could see snowfall accumulations of up to two feet.

The next storm for early next week could prove to be a very disappointing followup to this snowstorm. Although the way this particular storm plays out is far from being set in stone, the majority of the forecasting models are indicating that the center of low pressure associated with this system will track to the west of New England. This storm track allows too much warm air to surge northward to allow for precipitation to fall as all snow. Instead, snow would fall at the beginning, with a change over to plain rain as the warm air takes over.

There’s no need to focus too much on the longer term possibilities though when there is snow on the way in the short term. Even if the storm for Friday doesn’t end up being a major storm, it does promise to bring good snow cover back to New England, and freshen up the snow surface at your favorite resort!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for