Depending on how far you travel, and how you travel, it is likely that more than half, and if you are travelling from the other side of the world, as much as 97% of carbon emissions are made in travel. Once you reach Arosa it is likely your carbon emissions will be less than at home.

To calculate this total CO2 output for each guest on holiday in Arosa, the tourism office asks participants how they traveled to the resort, where they stayed, and the activities they participated in. Hiking, for example, generally leaves a smaller carbon footprint than alpine skiing. Arosa then spends part of the money it collects through a local tourism tax to buy carbon credits from a German biogas plant.

The resort studied its CO2 output, optimized it, and for the rest they offset it, so long as the guest declares their holiday details to the resort.

To travel in the most environmentally friendly way to Arosa in the first place, the resort is connected every hour by train to Zurich, and from there to many other big cities in Germany and/or all over Europe. The fast TGV train from Paris is connected to Chur so travelling from Paris to -Arosa you only have to change train once. In addition the ICE high speed train from Hamburg and other major cities has a direct connection to Chur.

Additional measures include the fact that traffic is not permitted between midnight and 6am in the village.
A free bus shuttle service operates every 10 minutes, year round, and with most hotel beds located slope side, you simply do not need a car in Arosa. The Arosa Bus-Service is powered by "Greenergy".

Arosa is also member of Alpine Pearls is the promise of quality for an exceptional holiday in the Alps. 21 communities in Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland have joined forces to offer their guests a new standard of holiday pleasure in the Alps- with a real mobility bonus and the opportunity to do something positive for the climate by leaving the car at home.

Finally, almost 100% of the power used in the resort is generated by a local hydro-electricity plant.