[R303R, Ober Gatlinburg] entry level group lessons for skiers and for snowboarders cost $15, teach the basics, and last about an hour.

Students learn about equipment and trail etiquette, and acquire the basic skills needed to move, turn both ways, and stop.

Special entry level classes are available for children age 4 to 8, to teach them the skills of skiing and riding, with their peers, at their own pace.

Classes are continuous during normal operating hours.

All lessons are taught by professional instructors.

Advanced individual lessons are available at $40 per person per hour off-peak, $60 on holidays, and offer one-on-one analysis of each skier or rider.

Lessons are offered at five basic skill levels. Level 1 is for entry level for never-evers. Level 2 is for skiers and riders who can turn both ways on easy terrain. Level 3 is for people who can turn and control speed in both directions and begin to match skis on moderate terrain. Level 4 classes are for people who can turn and control speed with confidence on moderate and difficult terrain. Level 5 classes are for expert skiers and riders who want to polish their skills.

Ober Gatlinburg offers the lessons through its Smoky Mountain Snow Sport School.