As Hurricane Irene spins north out of the United States, residents across New England are now starting to take stock of just how much damage Irene wrought to homes, roads and some of the region's legendary ski areas. 

Photos and videos are pouring in fast, and, as seems to be the case these days, Facebook and YouTube are at the cutting edge of coverage. Below are a few of the posts we've seen. If you have more information or links, post them in the comments zone below and we'll make sure to update as the day progresses.

Killington, VT, seems particulary hard-hit. Resort representatives posted this on the their facebook page this morning:

Killington Resort and the surrounding communities have suffered flood damage from Tropical Storm Irene.

Crews are out assessing damages around the resort including structural deterioration to base lodges, lifts and roads as well as power outages.


Following an initial overview of the storm's aftermath, the K-1 Lodge Superstar Pub's structural integrity was compromised by the volume of water running off of Roaring Brook, dislodging the building from its foundation. Killington Resort's lift towers and structures, lodging properties and Golf Course have sustained minimal damage.

Summer operations of the K-1 Lodge, hiking and Golf Course will reopen after crews assess the damages. Mountain biking will tentatively resume after assessment of the trail network is complete. Pico Mountain summer operations are now closed for the season.

Killington Resort plans to open on schedule for the 2011-12 winter season.

As power and phone service are re-established at Killington Resort, more updates will be forthcoming.

Some of the photos of the damange to the K-1 Loge are amazing. Below is a user-posted photo at forum. 


And this YouTube video of Killington's legendary Pickel Barrel bar gives a good idea of how extensive the damage is. 


Sugarbush, VT reports the following, also on Facebook: 

A lot of Vermont roads have been damged by the water but you can now get in and out of the Valley via detours. Rte 100 near 17 and German Flats Road are closed for now You can get up to East Warren Road and take Tromblay to 100 going North. Rte 100 South of Warren was closed. Not sure of status now.

And from Mad River Glen, VT:

Wow Hurricane Irene really walloped our area. It looks as thought the mountain has held up pretty well but down in the valley is a whole other story. Old timers are saying it's the worst valley flooding since the epic floods of 1927 and 1938 and some are saying it is even worse. The Waitsfield covered bridge is closed and several bridges in Moretown have been lost. Our thoughts are with our neighbors down in the valley! Stay tuned for more updates.

The guys just came down from the mountain and Gen. Stark Mountain is looking really good outside of af ew downed trees. This is really a testament to all the drainage work that was done over the last few years to deal with erosion issues. New culverts, water bars and the forestry management plan have all helped to minimize the impacts of events like this. Again our thoughts are with our low lying neighbors who have not fared so well. stay tuned!

Mad River Valley

The Rutland, VT, paper,, is collecting photos here

Vermont wasn't the only state that got hit hard, though. The Sun Journal newspaper out of Lewiston, Maine, is reporting that two washed out bridges have stranded about 100 people at Sugarloaf ski area. 

Two bridges that have been washed out on either side of the resort's access road with Route 27 have left guests and employees with no way to drive away...

The only exit for mountain guests and employees was also by foot until temporary access through Brackett Brook Road can be shored up to get passenger vehicles in and out, said Emergency Management Director Tim Hardy.

Route 27 is closed indefinitely north because of a washout just north of the Sugarloaf Access Road. One bridge next to Carrabassett Valley Academy is gone and there's a 25 yard hole about 20-feet deep taking it's place, [Police Chief Scott] Nichols said.

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