Check out our meteorologist’s predictions before you pack the car, read the science behind meteorology, and Snow Before You Go.

Does elevation affect temperature? It sure does

Does elevation affect temperature? The answer is yes. But meteorology, like other sciences, isn’t quite th..

cold weather models
How do weather models work?

Weather forecasters often talk about the computer models they use to help predict the weather. But what are thes..

Child chairlift summer is not a bummer
Can it snow when temps are above freezing?

If you’ve ever been on a chairlift when warmer temperatures call for rain but instead noticed snowflakes s..

Opinion: How green can skiing be? Take the train
Opinion: How green can skiing be? Take the train

Skiing, snowboarding, snowsports in general: can they ever really be synonymous with green living? What does gre..

skispaß in aspen
How the mountains of Colorado make natural snow

Did you ever wonder why Colorado snow can often be fluffy, light and so much fun to ski or ride? Well, here̵..

Mammoth Mountain in the High Sierra
How the mountains of California make natural snow

Here’s a meteorological fact of life you Californians can use to show off in pares-ski conversations. Ther..

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