There are always unusual stories that pop up during the season, but check this one out from the popular Swedish ski resort of Funäsdalen.

A 12-year-old schoolboy was skiing with friends when he fell into a cave. The commotion woke up a hibernating brown bear who wasn't very happy about the interruption.

The boy, whose name has not been released, managed to run away, but not before being bitten and clawed. Police described it as a "savage attack." He was taken to a hospital in Östersund, where a spokesman told media the boy was "recovering well."

The bear was later located, but not shot. Police determined the bear "was not considered a further threat to civilians." 

Funäsdalen is Sweden's third-largest ski area, made up of 10 resorts. It is also one of the nation's oldest mountain tourist regions, with the first pension welcoming guests as far back as 1882. It is becoming increasingly popular with British skiers.