A terrain park is a series of features that let snowboarders and freestyle skiers balance, spin, get airborne, and otherwise leave the surly bonds of earth for at least a momentary trip into weightlessness.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from Carinthia at Mount Snow to a backyard park built in the woods behind a house in Central Massachusetts.

You can build your own, but if you think of a Pipe Dragon grooming device, the very idea of making your own terrain park may seem too daunting to tackle.

The price tag for that lovely piece of equipment alone runs close to $50,000, and then you need the grooming vehicle itself, another $200,000.

Ready to forget the whole idea? Well, don't.

Knock down the scale a little bit, think snow shovels and dad's plastic trash can, a sheet of plywood, an old bench, maybe mom's bridge table (only don't tell her), and the whole project becomes a lot more manageable.

Ramps are easy to build from snow alone, requiring a snow shovel and some elbow grease.

Add objects on which to make hits. They probably won't survive the winter in good condition, so make sure they are things that nobody is going to come looking for later.

Make the approach smooth, and the landing area clear of hard objects.

Bring friends.

Have fun.

Question: How to build a terrain park?

Check out this video of a homemade terrain park in the woods of Central Massachusetts.