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Ski Exercises: Overhead Medicine Ball Throws

22nd June 2016 | OnTheSnow Staff

Heather McPhie doing an overhead ball throw.

Heather McPhie doing an overhead ball throw.

Copyright: Tim Shisler

Heather McPhie relies on this preseason exercise and ski workout to build explosive strength in the quads, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Overhead Medicine Ball Throws are an alternative to Power Cleans or Weighted Squat Jumps. Overhead Medicine Ball Throws demand forceful triple extension of the hips, knees and ankles—the primary sequence to jump and produce power. This exercise is critical for explosiveness—allowing the skier to go into a turn and use explosion to push out with a lot of force and have velocity into the next turn.

Holding a six-pound medicine ball from underneath, McPhie squats down and lowers the ball between her legs. McPhie throws the ball up explosively as hard as she can. Focussing on a big jump and pushing her feet through the floor. Start with four sets of four repetitions for this exercise.



Heather McPhie doing an overhead ball throw. - © Tim Shisler
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