Activity: Land-Rover Experience Driving School

When to go: Year round, all weather conditions

Level: First time off-roader to expert    

Who to go with: Equinox Resort and Spa

Distance from resort: 18.5 miles from Stratton Mountain


Jump behind the wheel of a brand new Land Rover and take off through the Green Mountains of Vermont. The Land-Rover Experience Driving School at The Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, Vt. is way more than a test drive, it's a full tilt all-terrain adventure geared around advanced driving instruction in all conditions. With an expertly-trained instructor as co-pilot, the 80-acre purpose-built course and extensive trail system in Southern Vermont becomes a playground for budding off-roaders.

Group Events

Put your next friend, family or business outing in four-wheel-drive with group driving lessons and off-road events. Work as a team to complete multi-part challenges and team-building activities that combine off-road driving with outdoor skills like GPS and compass orienteering. Ever driven blind-folded? Here's your chance. Minimum of six or more people.  

Individual Lessons

Take your driving skills to the next level with a customized expedition-style driving lesson. Encounter various off-road obstacles such as steep ascents, descents, side-tilts, creek crossings, rock crawls and boulders. Learn advanced skills of winching, recovery and vehicle control in full- or multi-day adventure scenarios that will forever change your view of the work commute. Call 802-362-0687 for more info and to make reservations.