Heli-Fishing in Whistler

25th April 2017 | Becky Lomax

News Regions: British Columbia

Resorts in this article: Whistler Blackcomb

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Activity: Heli-fishing Whistler

When to go: July-October

Level: No experience needed, but skilled anglers will catch more fish

Who to go with: Valley Fishing Guides in Whistler

Distance from resort: They pick you up at your Whistler lodge.


Streams in Whistler over the summer may crowd with anglers, and the fish may become lethargic in the heat. But Valley Fishing Guides offers a way for anglers to fish places in solitude and get to cooler elevations where the fish still bite. Heli-fishing tours can whisk you off to remote mountain locations to fish where the guides know you can catch salmon and trout. Transportation to and from your Whistler lodge is included as is a gourmet lunch and use of Sage fishing gear. 

Whistler offers plenty of lodging, dining and nightlife for non-fishing hours. Lodging is available in moderate to luxury rooms, and you can always find specials and last-minute deals.

High Alpine Fishing

During July and August, a helicopter takes you to high alpine lakes to fish. The temperatures at 5,000 feet in elevation are cooler, and the views are packed with meadows, peaks and glaciers. The rainbow and cutthroat trout are often rabid eaters since the high lakes have such a short ice-free season. You can take advantage of the feeding frenzy by spending the day with tight lines throughout the high-elevation waters.

River Fishing

During September and October, the helicopter flies over mountainous scenery filled with glaciers, peaks and old growth cedar forests to a remote coastal river. Gravel bars provide landing sites along the river, and the guides will set you up with the appropriate rod and flies for the conditions. You’ll spend the day casting and reeling in Coho salmon—some of them will be huge. 


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